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Tax Impact

Cedar Springs Public Schools

Estimated Millage Calculator

Please input your taxable value (this is different than market value)

Estimated millage increase for this bond proposal

Estimated increase in annual property tax bill

Estimated increase per month

Note: Community Members may be eligible for the Michigan Homestead Property Tax Credit (the "Credit").
The Credit is a method through which some taxpayers can receive a credit for an amount of their property taxes
that exceeds a certain percentage of household income. This program establishes categories under which
homeowners or renters are eligible. We would recommend that community members consult their tax provider
for eligibility and further information.

The above is an ESTIMATE of your net tax impact from the increase in millage for the above proposed bond issue.
It is an estimate only and should not be relied upon as tax advice. You should consult your tax advisor to
determine the exact impact on your tax computations.