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Bond Information

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Looking to the future of Cedar Springs Public Schools, the Board of Education is asking the community to vote on a school bond proposal at an election held on August 4, 2020. 
If the bond proposal is approved by voters, there would be NO EXPECTED TAX RATE INCREASE for property owners. This bond would generate $68,000,000 for district-wide improvements to all school buildings and would impact every student.


After the November 2019 bond proposal was not approved by voters, the District engaged community members, staff and parents in multiple surveys and forums to gather their feedback on the previous proposal. The District carefully reviewed feedback and studied options to move forward with an updated long-term master plan for schools buildings and developed a smaller proposal with no expected tax rate increase.

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  • Property taxes are not expected to increase with the 2020 proposal
  • Projected cost was reduced from $82M to $68M (16% reduction)
  • The 8th-9th grade school building is no longer being considered

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  • Investing in capital improvements – replacing boilers, unit ventilators, and roofing, as needed, to extend the useful life of facilities
  • Upgrading mechanical systems and building management systems to increase energy efficiency
  • Constructing secure building entrances at schools that currently do not have them
  • Improving traffic flow, parking, and sidewalks at select locations on campus for safety and increased circulation
  • The existing 1960s academic wings at Beach would be replaced with new classrooms
  • Replacing outdated educational technology
If you have further questions, contact Scott Smith, Superintendent, at (616) 696-1204 x1001 or by e-mail at