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What is SchoolMessenger?Top of Page

SchoolMessenger is Cedar Springs Public School District’s phone and email alert system used to notify parents/guardians and staff members about urgent matters such as school closings/delays and distribute information about other timely issues and events.
SchoolMessenger contacts parents/guardians and staff members using the data located in PowerSchool.  The SchoolMessenger system syncs with PowerSchool every business day to retrieve the most current contact data.

Parents/GuardiansTop of Page

Each parent/guardian can make sure his/her contact data is current in his/her PowerSchool account by following these directions:
Step One:  Access PowerSchool
Step Two:  Select Student (top left corner)
INFO SNAP YRU (left navigation)
Review student information by scrolling down the page
Step Three:  Locate "Change in Living Arrangements or Parent Information"
Select "Yes" Locate the information that needs to be updated*
Step Four:  Select "Submit" at the bottom of the page

Staff MembersTop of Page

Each staff member can make sure his/her contact data is current in his/her Powerschool account by contacting your building secretary.  You will also need to update your information for Payroll and Benefits in the ESS system by clicking here.
If you have any questions, please contact Matt Andres in the Business Office; 616-696-1204 x1008.
*If an address change was made, Proof of Residency (POR) will be required.  You may choose to upload the POR document directly in PowerSchool or provide the POR document to the building main office.  This information will be communicated to the Transportation Department once the proof of residency is received. 
Contact information changes made in PowerSchool will sync with SchoolMessenger the next business day after the changes have been made.