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Department of Academic Services

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Jen HaberlingJennifer Haberling
(616) 696-1204 ext 1003
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Robin DeLine                                                     
Office of Academic Services
(616) 696-1204 ext 1009
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Department of Academic ServicesTop of Page

Cedar Springs Public Schools provides a comprehensive core curriculum that meets or exceeds state and national standards in the areas of language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, art, music, health, world languages, integrated technology, industrial arts, and agriculture.
Additional elective courses help to extend and enrich the core curriculum. The district is continuing to develop an interdisciplinary focus across the curriculum to link curriculum content and increase student's understanding of the nature of learning.

Professional Learning Communities (PLC)Top of Page

Cedar Springs Public Schools is committed to reaching every child. Professional Learning Communities and Communities of Practice help teachers ensure that all students reach high levels of learning.
Cedar Springs has been a leader in the State and County in the Professional Learning Communities (PLC) Model. As a district we recognize the increasing demands for excellence for all students. This helps to guarantee that all students learn the intended curriculum. It also allows teachers to plan what to do with students who did not learn and how they can plan for the student that is ahead of expected learning. Collaboration and increased student achievement are the heart of the PLC process.  
Using our state of the art Student Achievement System teachers regularly review student progress toward their academic goals. Teachers continually look to address alignment of Cedar Spring’s standards to the highest level State and National standards. By examining student data they are able to build intervention and acceleration strategies.