Pesticide Advisory

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In an effort to maintain the aesthetic quality of the buildings and grounds of Cedar Springs Public Schools, it has become necessary to apply a herbicide to the grounds at your child’s school. These applications will be done on weekends, evenings or when the area is not being used. Please understand that applications will not be occurring every day. The dates are given due to the fact that factors such as wind, rain and site usage will affect the exact date and time of the application. You will be able to tell that the application has been applied by the lawn signs that will be posted.
The products that is being used is T-Zone to control broadleaf weeds. The applications will be performed by State Certified Applicators.
School: High School
Date of application: September 11 - 15, weather permitting
Area to be treated: Athletic Fields
Description of treatment: liquid application of T-Zone
If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the District's Operation’s Office at number 902-2973.  If you would like more information on pesticides you may call the National Pesticide Information Center at (800) 858-7378 or the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (800) 292-3939. Information may also befound on the web at
Ken Simon
Director of Operations