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Board of Education

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The Cedar Springs Public Schools Board role is to oversee and set school policy, hire and work in partnership with the Superintendent, and oversee the district budget.  The School Board acts as one body to set policy for the District; the Superintendent and staff provide the leadership to implement Board policies.
The Board of Education is responsible for carrying out the mandatory laws of the state and where federal and state laws do not prohibit, the Board is authorized to establish and appraise district educational activities. The Board considers its most important functions to be in the categories of:

Employment, evaluation and support of the Superintendent
Legislative or policy making
Educational planning and appraisal
Financial resources
Maintaining schools and district property
Communications with the public

Employment of Superintendent (0132)Top of Page

The board is responsible for recruiting, hiring and evaluating the performance of the Superintendent of schools. The board exercises supervision through the Superintendent and does not manage individual staff members who are employed to assist the Superintendent in carrying out the instructional programming.

Policy Making (0131)Top of Page

The board is responsible for the development of bylaws and policy governing all facets of school operations.  The board delegates the implementation of policies to the Superintendent of schools.

Educational Planning and Appraisal (2000)Top of Page

The Board is responsible for requiring and acquiring reliable information from administration and other sources which will enable it and the staff to work toward the continuing improvement of the education program. The Board is responsible for appraisal of the result of these programs and evaluating the effectiveness of its policies and their implementation. 

Financial Resources (6000)Top of Page

In consultation with the Superintendent, the board is responsible for approval and adoption of an annual budget that will provide the financial basis for the buildings, furnishings, staff, materials, transportation and equipment needed to carry out educational programs. The board oversees the finances to assure proper use of, and accounting for, all district funds.

School Facilities (7000)Top of Page

The board is responsible for determining school-housing needs; communicating these needs to the community; purchasing and disposing of properties; and for approving building plans that will support and enhance the educational program.

Communication with Public (9000)Top of Page

The Board is responsible for providing adequate and direct means for keeping the community informed about the schools and for keeping itself and the school staff informed about the wishes of the public.  

Judicial (0133)Top of Page

The board acts as a court of appeal for school staff and students with issues that involve implementation of board policies.  The board conducts hearings as appropriate in or to decide appeals of long-term student suspensions and expulsions or to consider recommendations of the Superintendent to suspend or dismiss a certificated employee.

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