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K-12 Art

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Elementary ArtTop of Page

The Cedar Springs Elementary Visual Art Curriculum provides four goals and objectives in order to give each student sequential learning experiences and a balanced art education. They are as follows: art production, aesthetic perception, historical and cultural perspectives, and art criticism.

Middle School ArtTop of Page

Art at the Middle School bridges the elementary and high school art education that students receive at Cedar Springs Public Schools. During the 7th and 8th grade years, students move from learning how to use new methods and materials to in-depth projects and difficult techniques. Throughout this time, the emphasis is on originality and creativity, while also helping them prepare for the high school art classes. 

High School ArtTop of Page

The Visual Arts department at Cedar Springs High School works to develop students' artistic skills and creativity. The introduction and intermediate drawing and design classes focus on the building blocks of good design. The painting, sculpture, and ceramics classes are more student-driven to allow the students the ability to control the message and materials of their artwork. The goal of all of the art classes is to get students engaged in the production of art, understand its importance in our lives, and, for some students seeking to attend an Art School or University Art program, to create a portfolio that shows their artistic progression throughout their high school experience.