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Mental Health Team

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Ask the ExpertHaving trouble with an issue at home and would like some advice? Fill out the form to submit an anonymous question and our experts will pick one question per week to answer with ideas!

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Adapting to Change: click here for the answer
My kids are really struggling with adapting to the change of being at home all the time. They seem to really miss their friends and teachers as well as the school day in general. We are doing well overall, but I would love some advice on how we might make home a bit more manageable with school work and the newfound lack of connection outside of our family.

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Providing an Explanation of What’s Going On: click here for the answer
How do you explain what’s going on to people of different mental levels? i.e. HS student, Elementary Student, Grandparents with Dementia?

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Moving Forward with COVID-19:  click here for the answer
Is this event going to change everything about what we do and how school works?

Question 4Top of Page

Screen Time For Young Students: click here for the answer
How much screen time is healthy for elementary students?  When does the amount of time on a screen become unhealthy?