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The Cedar Springs Education Foundation promotes the quality of academic life at Cedar Springs Public Schools by enhancing educational opportunities and instruction.

csef  2015 Meeting Dates: May 6, Sept 16, Nov 4
Hilltop Community Building 

Mrs Carlson's class

Thank You to the Cedar Springs Education Foundation for the Scientific Probes and I-Pads!


Mrs. Carlson’s Chemistry and AP Chemistry classes have been using the probes for many lab experiences such as: creating a heating curve for water, examining pH during a titration, collecting transmittance and absorbance data during our solutions unit, and investigating the affect of solute on boiling temperature. The data collection process is more accurate and applicable using the probes and the students love the technology.

Thank you!


The Cedar Springs Education Foundation was established in 1986, and has provided over 2 million dollars to support the quality education and learning in our  Cedar Springs Public Schools.  The board members are volunteers and have a passion for our public schools and the education of our young people.

The Foundation is an integral part of the Cedar Springs Public Schools’ ability to provide a high quality education to students of the district. In 1986, a group of civic minded community members established the Foundation to ensure a solid education for our students.

The Foundation has purchased or funded learning tools such as iPads and iPad software, equipment for the high school biology and chemistry labs, laptops and netbooks, diversity awareness and anti-bullying programs, books, cameras and numerous other classroom essentials for all grades and all buildings over the last 27 years. The current directors and trustees are continuing that legacy of service to students and are committed to keeping the Foundation active, engaged and relevant into the future.

The Foundation has 501(c)(3) non-profit status, therefore all donations are tax deductible and can be mailed to the Foundation at 204 E. Muskegon or given to any board member. Please consider a donation as a way to honor a teacher, staff member or community member. A note will be sent to the honoree informing them of your donation.

We see an increasing need for the CS Education Foundation to support the learning activities.  If you have any questions or would be interested in supporting the education foundation through a tax deductable donation, please feel free to contact any board member.

  Your tax deductible donation can be mailed to the Cedar Springs Education Foundation at 204 E. Muskegon, Cedar Springs, MI 49319


2015 Board of Trustees 

Jeni McIntyre   




Tom Noreen   Vice President   tomnoreen@aol.com

Shannon Cooper





Chad Wight





Beth Blades





Deb McIntyre   Trustee   deborahlmcintyre@gmail.com
Cate Derus   Trustee   catederus@gmail.com

Katy Austin




Robert McKown
Trustee   mckown@gmail.com
Audrey Debri   Trustee   audrey.debri@csredhawks.org
Bryan Kahler   Trustee   bryan-kayler33@hotmail.com
Matt Shoffner   Board of Ed Representative   matt@ia-studio.com