Beach Elementary School

Building Programs

GATORS Program 

GATORS stands for Getting Ahead Through Outstanding Reading Strategies.  This intervention serves first through fifth grade students (at Cedar Trails, Beach and Cedar View) who need additional support in reading instruction.  GATORS is a research-based program that provides students with one-to-one support for half and hour daily.  During that time, students learn to use a variety of reading strategies that help them become more independent as they progress to higher levels of reading.

Usually a student receives this individualized instruction for 12-18 weeks.  The goal of the program is to exit students who are reading at the level of the average student in their class.  Students are referred to the program by their classroom teachers.  Those students are then given a variety of assessments to determine who is picked up first.  Students who are the oldest receive first priority.  A student's absences are also a consideration in prioritizing which students get help first.  All parents are notified when their child has been identified to be part of the GATORS.