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Assessments - Cedar Springs Public Schools
Assessments are an essential tool used at Cedar Springs Public Schools District.  The Academic Services Department has in place a range of assessments to help us understand the learning levels of our students.  This helps us identify areas of strength and also areas of weakness, so we are able to plan effectively to meet our students' needs. 
Here, you can explore the variety of assessments we use to help us make adjustments in our learning environment for the purpose to improve student learning and development.
Assessments Used at Cedar Springs Public Schools

Assessments Used at Cedar Springs Public Schools

An initial assessment used three times a year for students in grades K-8 to determine which students do and do not need additional supports to meet end-of-year requirements in literacy and math.
An extensive assessment for students in grades K-2 to diagnose phonemic awareness difficulties in students learning to read.
An extensive assessment to help detect students in grades K-5 needing additional supports in early reading and to measure the results of intervention.
The State of Michigan summative assessment is given to students in grades 3-11, used to gauge how well students are progressing toward mastery of end-of-year standards.
The State of Michigan summative assessment designed for students who have, or function as if they have, significant cognitive impairments, and whose IEP (Individualized Education Program) Team has determined that General Assessments, even with accommodations, are not appropriate.
The State of Michigan and College Board summative assessment suite, for students beginning in 8th grade.
English language proficiency assessments administered to Kindergarten through 12th grade students who have been identified as English learners (ELs).