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Cedar Springs Public Schools

Purpose. Potential. Pride.
High School Athletics
Welcome to Red Hawks Athletics at Cedar Springs High School.   Our Athletes work hard on the court/track/field but also in the classroom to keep a high standard on their academics. 

Being a Red Hawk goes beyond just our athletes and coaches. Each student, parent, family, or community member who steps up to support our athletes plays a vital role in the success of our program.  A fan, a member of our booster club, or a sponsor – we are excited to have each of you as part of our Red Hawk community.

High School Athletic Department

High School Athletic Director
Matt Moffett
616-696-9080 x7906
Athletic Secretary
Dana Hilyer
Athletic Trainer
Mark Garnaat
Athletic Tryouts
Tryouts have concluded for 21' fall sports.  Please contact our athletic department at (616) 696-9080 with additional questions.
  • School designated club sports (MS football, HS bowling, HS hockey) will have a separate fee
  • Each coach will attempt to have a coach meeting that we encourage everyone to attend
  • Reach out to the team coach, athletic director, or secretary with any additional questions
Teams and Coaches

Fall Sports

Girl's Varsity Cheer Team: Coach Katy Hradsky

Girl's JV Cheer Team: Coach Kendra Hawley

Boy's Cross Country: Coach Justin Jones

Girl's Cross Country: Coach Melinda Stessman

Boy's Varsity Football: Coach Gus Kapolka

Boy's Varsity Football Asst: Coaches Marcus Dukes, Kevin Martens, Jeff Myers

Boy's JV Football: Coach Ryan Gigowski

Boy's FR Football: Coach Tim Jackson

Girl's Varsity Golf: Coach Tim Relich

Girl's JV Golf: Coach Eddie Johns

Boy's Varsity Soccer: Coach Chris Frilen

Boy's JV Soccer: Coach Matthew Johnson

Boy's Varsity Tennis: Coach Katherine Hunting

Girl's Varsity Volleyball: Coach Ashley Lowing

Girl's JV Volleyball: Paige Pierog

Girl's FR Volleyball: Coach Alisha Kenyon

Winter Sports

Girl's Varsity Basketball Coach: Brandon Miller

Girl's JV Basketball Coach: Amy Jacobs

Girl's FR Basketball Coach: Avery Sparling

Boy's Varsity Basketball Coach: James Telman

Boy's Varsity Basketball Asst: H. James Telman

Boy's JV Basketball Coach: Michael Brown

Boy's FR Basketball Coach: Trenton Cooper

Varsity Bowling Coach: Brian Russell

Varsity Wrestling Coach: Nick Emery

JV Wrestling Coach : Brandon Wood

Boy's & Girl's Varsity Bowling Coach: Tim Jackson

Varsity Competitive Cheer Coach: TBD

Varsity Competitive Cheer Asst: TBD

JV Competitive Cheer Coach: Katherine Hradsky

Spring Sports

Girl's Varsity Softball: Coach Allison DeBoer

Girl's JV Softball: Coach April Feldman

Boy's Varsity Baseball: Coach Justin Glyshaw

Boy's JV Baseball: Coach Tim Jackson

Boy's Freshman Baseball: Coach TBD

Girl's Varsity Soccer: Coach Justin Harnden

Girl's JV Soccer: Coach Chris Painter

Boy's Varsity Golf: Coach Dave Schlump

Boy's JV Golf: Coach Glen London

Girl's Varsity Tennis: Coach Ed Russel

Girl's JV Tennis: Coach Eddie Johns

Boy's Track: Coach Jeff Brazier

Boy's Track: Coach Tim Lett

Girl's Track: Coach Justin Jones