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Cedar Springs Public Schools

Purpose. Potential. Pride.

Welcome to Cedar Springs Red Hawk Athletics

Being a Red Hawk goes beyond just our athletes and coaches. Each student, parent, family, or community member who steps up to support our athletes plays a vital role in the success of our program. If you are a fan, a member of our booster club, or a sponsor – we are excited to have each of you as part of our Red Hawk Athletics family!
We are excited that High School sports have made the return for 2021. We have requested our athletes fill out a COVID-19 athletic waiver stating our athletes agree to follow state regulations and guidelines when practicing and participating in sporting events.  Reach out to John Norton, athletic director if you have additional questions in regards to this form.

Athletic Department:

High School Athletic Director
616-696-9080 x7906
Middle School Athletic Director
Bill Cataldo
616-696-9100 x6901
Athletic Secretary
Dana Hilyer
Athletic Trainer
Mark Garnaat
Nicole has been a part of the bowling team for 2 years. She has been a valuable leader on the team this year. She is passionate about doing well and is great at keeping the team uplifted. Nicole has a great personality that the other girls are drawn to. Nicole is one of 2 captains on the bowling team.
Kaelyn is the floor leader of the girl's basketball team. She is relied on heavily to handle the ball, score offensively, and always get a tough defensive assignment. She is a 4-year varsity basketball player. She leads the team in overall efficiency, assists, and is tied for second in scoring on the team. Kaelyn has a 3.5 overall GPA through 3.5 years of HS.
Dylan is one of the captains of the boys' basketball team. He is one of the hardest working individuals with a heart of gold. Dylan always lays it all out for his team, he never gives up and always pushes forward. It is a trait that will take him far later in life.
Ayden has shown the most growth from our basketball summer workouts to today. He has grown as a player and as a young man. His ability to learn throughout this complicated season has shown a lot of maturity and an ability to adapt to complicated situations.
I wish Katelin had joined the bowling team years ago!! She is an amazingly hard worker, very competitive, and an asset this year. I've known her for 10 years, so I knew she would be good, but she exceeded my expectations. She was awarded the 9th place All-Tournament team medal at the post-season conference. Thank you, Katelin, for being a blessing to us this year!
Cody is emerging as a team leader and has been consistently one of our higher average bowlers. Cody made the All-Conference team as well as placed in the post-conference tournament. Looking forward to having him back on the team next year!
Darrah has really blossomed this season as a leader and on the offensive and defensive end of the floor. She is currently leading the team in rebounds and steals and is tied for second in scoring average. She currently has a 3.98 Cumulative GPA through 2.5 years of HS
Ethan has emerged as the captain of the boys' bowling team and always gives support and help when needed. Ethan has done well at maintaining his school work and athletics. He made the All-Conference team as well as placing 2nd individually at the post-conference tournament. Now on to regionals.
Abby has been on the varsity cheer team for 3 years and competing in all competition rounds (chants with jumps, tumbling/gymnastic skills, and stunting). Her skills are solid, her work ethic unparalleled. Abbey is a national champion in the BMX circuit here in the United States and has an incredible attitude. She is completely dedicated to the team's success.