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Cedar Springs Public Schools

Purpose. Potential. Pride.

Matthew Shoffner, Vice President

Matt's email:

Matt's email:

Matt Shoffner
I am a 2000 graduate of CSHS. Cedar Springs has always been my home town and I enjoy serving in this community. I have an Associates Degree in General Studies from GRCC and a BS degree in Architecture from the University of Michigan. Currently, I work for InterActive Studio, a small architectural firm in Grand Rapids. I am a member of West Cannon Baptist Church. I have been blessed with my wonderful wife, Tiffany, and four glorious children: Cloe, Ethan, Declan, and Tadhg. I am a dedicated husband and father desiring the best for my family and the community where we live. I have a love and a passion for educating young minds and am committed to assuring a high standard of excellence for this community.
Michigan Association of School Boards (MASB)

Michigan Association of School Boards (MASB)

Level 2 - Award of Merit
Education Credits
ABPW.15  Advanced Board President Workshop
BPW.15  Board President Workshop
DEL_2011  Delegate Assembly
F05.15  Participate in a CASBA/ISD Workshop
F06.15  MASB Workshop
F06.17  MASB Workshop
FC.11  Fall Conference - Friday & Saturday
S12.13  Serve as a local board officer
S12.14  Serve as a Local Board Officer
S12.15  Serve as a Local Board Officer
S12.16  Serve as a Local Board Officer
S12.17  Serve as a Local Board Officer
S12.18  Serve as a Local Board Officer
S12.19  Serve as a Local Board Officer
SE2.17  Supt. Evaluation Training Part 2-Tool Specific Training
CBA Credits
CBA101  Introduction to School Board Service
CBA102  Policy
CBA103  School Finance & School Budget
CBA104  Basic School Law
CBA105  Curriculum & Instruction
CBA106  Community Relations Leadership
CBA107  Labor Relations
CBA108  Navigating the Legislative Process
CBA109  Board Governance for Data Informed Decision Making CBA215  Advanced Finance
CBA246  Advanced Community Relations
CBA247  Advanced Curriculum:Improving Student Achievement CBA249  Facility Planning for Technology
CBA276  Board/Superintendent Relations
CBA301  Supt. Performance: Goals, Indicators & Evidence CBA309  Current Trends in K-12 Technology
CBA310  Anatomy of a School Budget
CBA344  Data First: High School and Beyond