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Cedar Springs Public Schools

Purpose. Potential. Pride.

Shannon Vanderhyde, Trustee

Shannon's email:

Shannon's email:

Shannon Vanderhyde
My family moved to West Michigan when I was in 7th grade. I graduated from Rockford High School, and continued my education with a Bachelor of Arts in elementary education at Western Michigan University. After I graduated, I did a lot of substitute teaching in the Cedar Springs area and was impressed with the quality of the faculty and the students. My husband and I bought our first house here in 2003, and had our first daughter in 2004. We have 3 children: Alex, Josephine and Dominic.

I am involved in the PTO at Cedar Trails and have friends at many of the different buildings here. I am still impressed by our wonderful staff and their dedication to helping our students. I became involved in the Cedar Springs Board of Education because I am sick of just sitting at home complaining. I think it is important to get involved. Our schools are drastically underfunded, and I want a say in how the money is spent. I am ready to make the difficult decisions to keep our students achieving at a high level.

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Michigan Association of School Boards (MASB)

Michigan Association of School Boards (MASB)

Level 3 - Award of Distinction
Education Credits
ALC.15  Annual Conference - Friday & Saturday
ALC.16  Annual Conference - Friday & Saturday
ALC.19  Annual Conference - Friday & Saturday
ALCEB2.16  Annual Conference - pm
ALCFO.18  Annual Conference Friday  
BPW.17  Board President Workshop
F05.15  Participate in a CASBA/ISD Workshop
F06.15  MASB Workshop
F06.17  MASB Workshop
FC.11  Fall Conference - Friday & Saturday
FC.13  Fall Conference - Friday & Saturday
S12.14  Serve as a Local Board Officer
S12.17  Serve as a Local Board Officer
S12.18  Serve as a Local Board Officer
SE2.17  Supt. Evaluation Training Part 2-Tool Specific Training
SULI_AM_19  2019 Summer Institute AM
SULI_PM_19  2019 Summer Institute PM
CBA Credits
CBA101  Introduction to School Board Service
CBA102  Policy
CBA103  School Finance & School Budget
CBA104  Basic School Law
CBA105  Curriculum & Instruction
CBA106  Community Relations Leadership
CBA107  Labor Relations
CBA108  Navigating the Legislative Process
CBA109  Board Governance for Data Informed Decision Making
CBA214  Open Meetings Act
CBA227  Ethical Challenges
CBA248  Teambuilding 
CBA253  Board Operating Procedures
CBA255  Culturally Competent Leaders
CBA257  School District Safety and Security 
CBA274  Board Self-Evaluation for Continuous Improvement
CBA276  Board/Superintendent Relations
CBA278  Dealing with Difficult People
CBA300  Superintendent Evaluation
CBA345  Data Dashboards for Board Members
CBA351  Social Media
CBA365  Collaborative Conversations for Effective