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Cedar Springs Public Schools

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Traci Slager, Secretary

Traci's email address:

Traci's email address:

Traci Slager
I graduated from Rockford High School in 1997, Taylor University in 2001 with a B.A. in Social Work, and the IU School of Social Work with my Master's degree in 2005.  After living in Indiana for college and grad school, my husband and I moved back to Michigan and settled in the city of Cedar Springs in 2007.   I have been married to my husband for over 18 years and have three fun-loving, active boys.
I have worked as a youth director, ministry leaders, substance abuse and theft intervention therapist, mentor, and advocate.  Over the past 20 years, in paid and unpaid positions, I have been privileged to walk alongside hundreds of adolescents and teens through times of celebration and thrills to times of utter sorrow and despair, and everything in-between.  I was founding member of two nonprofit organizations and served on a handful of nonprofit boards and committees.  I also have served as an adjunct professor at two universities.  Currently, I am on staff in Student Ministries at Blythefield Hills Baptist Church in Rockford, MI and teacher as an online instructor for Taylor University.
I wanted to join the School Board because I want to do my part ensuring that Cedar Springs Public Schools are a positive transformative force in the lives of young people.  Working with youth has always been my passion and joy.  I care deeply about seeing students have every opportunity possible to use their gifts and abilities to flourish and reach their fullest potential.  Because of this passion, and now that my own children are in school, I was eager and excited about the opportunity to be involved with the Board of Education.  I truly love this community and have a burden to see it thrive.
My hobbies include camping, hiking, swimming, boating, biking, running - I've grown up loving most outdoor activities, especially with my family and on  youth trips.  I also find great contentment in playing cards or a good board game.  However, my favorite pastime is watching my boys play sports and participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities.
I am very excited to be part of the Cedar Springs Public Schools School Board.
Michigan Association of School Boards (MASB)

Michigan Association of School Boards (MASB)

Level 2 - Award of Merit
Education Credits
ALC.18  Annual Conference - Friday & Saturday
ALC.19  Annual Conference - Friday & Saturday
DEL_2016  Delegate Assembly 2016
S12.19  Serve as a Local Board Officer
SE2.18 Supt. Evaluation Training Part 2-Tool Specific Training
SPLI_AM_19 Spring Institute 
SPLI_PM_19 Spring Institute
SULI_PM_18 Summer Institute
WLI_AM_18 Winter Institute 
WLI_PM_18 Winter Institute

CBA Credits

CBA101  Fundamentals of School Board Service
CBA102  Policy
CBA103  School Finance & School Budget
CBA104  Basic School Law
CBA105  Curriculum & Instruction
CBA106  Community Relations Leadership
CBA107  Labor Relations
CBA108  Navigating the Legislative Process 
CBA109  Board Governance for Data Informed Decision Making
CBA227  Ethical Challenges
CBA232  Communicating Effectively in Difficult Times
CBA264  Shaping Public Opinion About Public Education
CBA276  Board/Superintendent Relations