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Cedar Springs Public Schools

Purpose. Potential. Pride.

Trent Gilmore, Treasurer

Trent's email:

Trent's email:

Trent Gilmore
My wife and I were married in August 2000.  We moved to Cedar Springs in July 2014 to be close to our family; plus we love the area.  We have 2 children in Cedar Springs Public Schools and one who will start in a few years.   My wife grew up in Cedar Springs area.  Her parents and siblings are still in the area.   I grew up in an educational household; both my parents were school teachers.  My Father-in-law is a school teacher as well.
I have a strong desire to help provide the best for the schools.  Quality education is the key to our children's future.  I wanted to help ensure a quality educational environment and opportunity for my kids and all the children in the Cedar Springs school district.
I have worked for Consumers Energy since 1999 in various roles and increasing scope of leadership.  
My hobbies include sharing the outdoors with my children fishing and hunting.  I also enjoy baseball and softball.  I transitioned from playing to helping with little leagues and supporting my kids' coaches.
It is an honor to serve the Cedar Springs Public School district as a Board Member.
Michigan Association of School Boards (MASB)

Michigan Association of School Boards (MASB)

Education Credits
S12.19  Serve as a Local Board Officer
SE2.18  Supt. Evaluation Training Part 2-Tool Specific Training

CBA Credits
CBA101  Fundamentals of School Board Service
CBA103  School Finance & School Budget
CBA104  Basic School Law
CBA105  Curriculum & Instruction
CBA107  Labor Relations