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Student Learning Options

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2020-2021 Student Learning Options

2020-2021 Student Learning Options

In Phases 4-6 of the MI Safe Schools Roadmap, teaching and learning will be provided with all of our students physically present on the CSPS campus.  
Elementary students will stay in one classroom, with adults traveling between classes to prevent mixing of students.  Secondary instruction will continue with a 6-period day with safety measures in place.
Traditional Learning
Students will shift between in-person and at-home learning, as required.


In Phases 1-3 of the MI Safe Schools Roadmap, teaching and learning is required to be delivered to students at home, streamlined through Canvas, the learning management system of CSPS, with a consistent daily schedule which will include live teachin and remote practive, feedback, grading, and attendance requirements.  This virtual instruction will reflect the coursework of CSPS.  Special education services will continue, adhering to the safety requirements from the State of Michigan.
Traditional Online
Students will be most successful when committing to at least one full semester online.


Regardless of Phases, CS Red Hawks Online School is an option for student who may not be able to attend in-person classes.  Teaching and learning will be provided through a virtual platform and online course, with video instruction and intervention, as well as self-paced practice and work coordinated by a CSPS employee.  Students need to be self-motivated, independent, and have a strong at-home support system in order to be successful in this learning environment.
Fully Online

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Enrollment for CS Red Hawks Online and our traditional classrooms are available based on class-size limits.  Under 5-O-D rules for the State of Michigan's pupil accounting for Virtual Learning Options, course requests must occur within timelines established for enrollment or schedule changes.  If the course has reached capacity, enrollment could be denied.  Decisions about best options will be considered on a case-by-case basis, collaboratively with families, to best serve our students.