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What is SchoolMessenger?

What is SchoolMessenger?

SchoolMessenger is Cedar Springs Public School District’s phone and email alert system used to notify parents/guardians and staff members about urgent matters such as school closings/delays and distribute information about other timely issues and events.
SchoolMessenger contacts parents/guardians and staff members using the data located in PowerSchool.  The SchoolMessenger system syncs with PowerSchool every business day to retrieve the most current contact data.
Read below how you can customize the way you receive messages.
SMS Text Messages

SMS Text Messages

In addition to phone and email notifications sent via SchoolMessenger, we offer a SMS text message notification service to Cedar Springs Public School families that have students enrolled in the district.
To opt-in to receive SMS messages from Cedar Springs, you may simply text “YES” to 67587.
Please note, although this is a provided service, the District is not responsible for any text message charges that you may incur by opting-in to this service. Please check with your wireless provider for specific details about any possible charges.

Print instructions on how to opt-in to receive text messages.
If you need to update your contact information within our database, please contact the registrar at District Office.

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