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Cedar Springs Public Schools

food services
Our talented food service team at Cedar Springs Public Schools provides an array of meals for our school’s grades K-12.  A complete a la carte menu is also available. 
Download the QuickBites monthly newsletter.  Filled with healthy recipes and information about nutrition!
Individuals with questions in regards to food service can contact our Food Service Director Holly Haywood at 616-696-0372.

Free Meals for Students

The U.S.D.A. and M.D.E. have extended food service programs to provide free breakfast and lunch to all students for the 21-22 School year.
What students receive:

Grades K-5
    • Breakfast* can be picked up in the cafeteria when students arrive at school each morning
  • Lunch is received in the school cafeteria

Middle School & High School
  • Breakfast* can be picked up when students arrive at school each morning
*Breakfast is offered at all buildings prior to school start time
Additional Information
  • A-la-carte or individual items (drinks, snacks, etc.) are still available for purchase
      • Milk is an a-la-carte item for $.50
  • You can add money to your student’s lunch account for a-la-cart