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Cedar Springs Public Schools

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Homebound/ Hospitalized

Homebound/hospitalized service is a self-study program designed to help students who are unable to attend school due to a medical condition, to keep up with their studies and to progress as far as possible given their medical condition. The district provides homebound/hospitalized instructional services for a student who is certified by the an attending physician, hospital, or licensed treatment facility as having a medical condition that requires the student to be hospitalized or to be confined to the home during regular school hours for a period longer than five school days. This includes students in psychiatric hospitals, substance abuse centers, or students placed in other medical facilities by the parent or medical practitioners.

Homebound/ Hospitalized services are to assist the classroom teacher(s) in communicating with the pupil during the pupil's absence from the classroom and to aid the pupil in keeping up with his or her courses. The resident district is responsible for the content of the instruction, providing textbooks and other materials related to the instruction, providing assignments, as well as grading the pupil's performance. To provide these services, a district may:
  1. Assign the pupil's teacher(s) or other certified teacher(s) employed by the local district to provide the service.
  2. Employ a substitute teacher to provide the services.
  3. Contract with another district or an intermediate district for the provisions of services.
  4. Contract with a hospital, treatment center, or other health care facility that employs a certified teacher.
  5. A non special education certified teacher or properly certified substitute may provide homebound and hospitalized services to special education pupils unless the pupil's current individualized education program (IEP) requires that the services be provided by a special education certified teacher.
Note: Pupils who are able to attend school part-time are expected to do so and do not qualify for homebound and hospitalized services.
If you suspect your student is in need of homebound/ hospitalized services, please contact your building administrator.