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September 2021 Update


It is hard to believe we are almost a month into the 2021–22 school year! It has been great to see our students, families, and staff finding success in their routines once again. 

Our elementary schools launched a new literacy resource for our students this year called Amplify Core Knowledge Language Arts®, or CKLA for short.  These resources are a welcomed addition to the tools used by our pre-kindergarten through 5th-grade teachers.  CKLA approaches reading as a science. The program is filled with knowledge-rich content!  Students will be learning about topics like farms, kings and queens, insects, early civilizations, the solar system, the Renaissance, and the human body while also learning how to read!

The team at Red Hawk Elementary has been excited to help students transition into a new structure for their school day.  Students now have different teachers and classrooms throughout the day for the various classes instead of being with one teacher for all of their subjects. Our 6th graders continue to build on their core academic skills while having the opportunity to learn and find their passion in additional electives becoming available to them!

Middle school students and parents have been seeing the positive impact of the summer construction as their morning arrivals and afternoon departures are a little smoother than in the past.  The driveways and parking areas are less congested and provide safer drop-off and pick-up experiences for our students, parents, and staff.  We are thankful for all the time and hard work our construction teams put into this project over the summer.  We are also excited to see the energy being invested in our students at the middle school to make sure they are feeling good about being back at school this year.

Many of our high school students have been at it for almost two months!  Hundreds of students started back at it in August, spending the last few weeks of their summer participating in band camp and optional athletic training practices, beginning to study for tests such as the ACT/SAT, and filling out their college applications!
Each day has brought on new challenges for us as a district, but it has not stopped us from providing the best possible education for our students.  We are excited to see where the year takes us.
We can. We will. We are. TOGETHER!

With respect and gratitude,
Scott B. Smith, Superintendent
Scott Smith

Scott B. Smith, Superintendent

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