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Cedar Springs Public Schools

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Transportation Services


Students in Kindergarten through 5th grade attending Cedar Trails, Cedar View, and Beach schools.

Depending on the length of the bus run, elementary students will begin being picked up any time after 7:30 AM. 

School Building Bus Drop Time Start Time Dismissal Time Bus Departure
 Cedar Trails - Kindergarten 8:33  8:40  3:31  3:43
 Cedar Trails - 1st Grade  8:32   8:40  3:31  3:43
 Beach 8:28  8:40  3:31  3:43
 Cedar View 8:31  8:40  3:31  3:43


Students in 6th through 12th grades attending Red Hawk Elementary, Cedar Springs Middle School, Cedar Springs High School, and New Beginnings.

Depending on the length of the bus run, students who ride the secondary bus run will begin being picked up around 6:00 AM. Early arrivals to schools are necessary to accommodate the multiple start times at each building serviced by this route and satisfy the state requirement of providing a breakfast program for our students.

School Building
Bus Drop Time
Start Time
 Dismissal Time
Red Hawk Elementary
7:27 2:22
Middle School 7:10 7:25 2:20
High School 7:20 7:37 2:32
New Beginnings
8:25 8:30 2:22

Red Hawk, Middle School & New Beginnings students will be shuttled to High School and transfer for take home routes.

Middle School Students who live in-town may board a bus behind Red Hawk Elementary to shuttle to Middle School.
  • AM - pick-up at 6:55
  • PM - approximate drop-off 2:30
am Cedar Springs Departure
Program Start Time
Program End Time
Cedar Springs Arrival
1st Session KCTC*
6:10 6:55 9:25 10:00
3rd Session KCTC
11:25 12:05 2:15 3:00
KTC - AM Session*
7:00 8:00 10:40 11:25

Special Education

All Special Education students will be transported using the Kent Intermediate School District (KISD) Transportation system. Any questions or concerns regarding the transportation of these students should be directed to the KISD transportation department at (877) 682-6888 or (616) 885-1678.


KCTC Program
1st Session - from High School
6:10 9:45
KCTC Program
3rd Session - from High School
11:15 2:50
3rd Session - from New Beginnings
KTC Program
AM Session
7:00 11:25
2 Hour Delay

2 Hour Delay

In the event of a 2-hour delay, students will be picked up by the bus approximately 2 hours later than their routine pick-up time. Buses will not transport students to Kent Career and Technical Center for 1st session when a school delay or cancellation is issued. Students will be given a weather-related absence at KCTC when we are officially not transporting them. Students who choose to drive personal vehicles to KCTC on school delays or cancellations assume responsibility for their decision.