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Cedar Springs Public Schools

Thank you cedar springs community for the support of our schools and students. Your Bond donations hard at work.
Bond Updates

Bond Updates

The rain held us up a few days at the start of the month, but the team got back on schedule with the great weather this past week.
The West Parking lot continues to see progress, while the block walls are going up in news classrooms and underground plumbing is finalized.
The past month has started some big construction projects at Red Hawk Elementary. Right now, we are getting ready to start construction on expansions and updates to the building. Here are the things you will see developed over the next few months:
  • Two additional classrooms will be added to the south side of Red Hawk Elementary
  • New staff parking lot on the west side of the building
  • New playground for young learners on the southwest side of the school
  • Bus drop-off loop on the south side of the building, separating bus traffic and vehicular drop off to promote safety and efficiency 
  • New parking lot and drop-off loop on the north side of Red Hawk Elementary 
  • Retention pond and infrastructure for stormwater north of Beach Elementary
Lots of exciting things coming soon to continue to enhance our district!
We are excited to have construction begin at Red Hawk Elementary this week continuing through next year. Due to construction, there will be some road closures on our campus that we wanted to make parents aware of.

Parent Drop-Off/Pick-Up will remain the same taking place at the north end of the building. The drive/parking lot on the south side will not be accessible to vehicles. Buses will be using the drive to the east of the building. This will not be accessible to vehicular traffic.

In addition, all entrances on the south side of the building (with the exception of the Cherry Health entrance) will be for emergency use only.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and look forward to the updates this construction will give to provide a better learning environment for students here at Cedar Springs Public Schools.

Crews are still on track for construction at the high school.

The Media Center is getting drywall placed along with door frames arriving this week to be installed. Crews have also been working on the ceiling.

New H wing addition is where a lot of work has been taking place. Roofing material is ready to be installed once the steel is done. In-wall plumbing for bathrooms has begun on the 1st floor. Door frames and lumber delivery for window blocking and roof blocking are coming this week and will be ready to start near the end of the week.

The Media Center is getting drywall placed along with door frames arriving this week to be installed. Crews have also been working on the ceiling.

Our construction teams continue to battle out the winter weather of snow and temperatures to stay on track!

The old media center/new offices have passed inspections, and the floor openings have been patched. This past week the team started topping out with drywall and will continue into full walls once the door frames are installed.

The new wing addition had the flooring poured and in-wall plumbing for the bathrooms has begun on the first floor. Decking for the second floor was delivered for the roof and steel is ready for installation, which will begin next week! Temp enclosures have been put in place and we are maintaining good temps inside the first-floor area.

We are excited to share the continued progress with the community. Keep checking back for more details in future weeks!

We are excited to continue to see a lot of progress on our campus. Even with the colder temps and snowy weather, the teams have been able to stay on schedule and continue to build as normal.

The High School continues to be the main area of bond work taking place. The old media center is at the point where inspections are taking place. Upon competition, the teams will be able to start drywalling. The Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing has been completed and is currently under inspection.

The new addition will have the underground electrical and plumbing wrapping up. Next week the team will start pouring the foundation on the main floor, and supplies for the second floor have been delivered.

Work is set to begin at Cedar View this March in areas that are not occupied by students or staff. New heating and cooling equipment has already been ordered to ensure everything is in district when we get to the summer construction season.

Red Hawk Elementary

The start of construction at Red Hawk Elementary started in April of 2022! Progress is on track and off to a great start!
Red Hawk Elementary Outdoor construction update photo
Red Hawk Elementary Outdoor construction update photo
Red Hawk Elementary Outdoor construction update photo
Red Hawk Elementary Outdoor construction update photo

February 2022 - Cedar Springs High School

We continue to see progress at Cedar Springs High School as the new year kicks off. The teams are still on track with the timelines. Keep checking back for more updates as they become available! 

July 2021 - Cedar Trails Elementary

All new units have been placed in classrooms with installation and programming completed the week of July 19. In addition, the school's office will be retrofitted with a verticle ventilating system. Units are being piped and connected as fabrication is complete and beginning to be delivered onsite. 
It continues to be a warm summer in Michigan, but come fall the students and staff at Cedar Trails will enjoy air-conditioned spaces when they return on August 23!

Cedar View Elementary

Construction started in April at Cedar View Elementary. Keep checking back for photos of work as they become available. 

October 2021 - Cedar Springs High School

On Thursday, October 21, contractors closed the media center area and began work to convert it into the new administrative offices and counseling center. Demolition of floors, ceilings, heating/cooling system, electrical and interior walls, and required fire separation from the rest of the building. We will continue to update with photos as progress continues.

July 2021 - Cedar Springs Middle School

We are excited to have the curbs and sidewalk completed along with final gravel grading, topsoil for landscaping, and light pose bases set.  We are getting close to the finish of this summertime project, and are excited for the new drive to welcome students, parents, and staff back on August 23!