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Cedar Springs Public Schools

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Emergency Drill Report

Emergency Drill Report

Emergency Drill Report

Safety Drill Requirements

Safety Drill Requirements

Must be posted on the web site within 5 days of completing the drill and remain for at least 3 years.
Information must include:
School Name
School year of the drill
Date and time of the drill
Type of drill
Number and type of drills completed during the school year
Signature of the school principal or designee acknowledging the completion of the drill
Name of the individual in charge of conducting the drill, if it is isn't the school principal

Public Act 12 of 2014
Section 19 of the Fire Prevention code

Fire & Tornado Drills

Fire Drills
5 per year
3 by December
Reasonable time between drills

2 per year
1 must take place in March

Lock Down Drills

Lock Down
3 per year
1 with security measures appropriate to an emergency
1 must take place by December 1st
1 must take place after January 1st
Reasonable time between drills

Emergency Drills

Cardiac Emergency Response Plan
Use and maintenance of AED's
Activation of a cardiac emergency response team during an identified cardiac

Plan for effective and efficient communication throughout the school campus
Training plan for the use of an AED and CPR techniquest (grades 9-12)
Incorporation and integration of the local emergency response system and emergency response agencies with the school's plan
Annual review and evaluation of the cardiac emergency response plan