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Cedar Springs Public Schools

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campus safety and security

School safety matters. Communicating with families and our community about our safety measures, from a physical environment to mental health, allowing us to provide a safe, secure school environment, one where your child can learn and thrive.


Additional Saftey Information for Cedar Springs Public Schools

Be sure your contact information stays current throughout the year to ensure you receive any emergency notifications.
A school resource officer provides valuable resources to our schools, fostering positive relationships, developing strategies to resolve problems affecting families, and protecting all students so that they can reach their fullest potential.
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Our Safety Team, comprised of members across the District, meets monthly to review and revise protocols, procedures, and trainings.
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Citizens Response to Active Shooter Event Training (C.R.A.S.E.) is presented by the Kent County Sheriff's Office. Staff members have been trained on the most up-to-date strategies, guidance, and plans for surviving an active shooter event.
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Bluepoint does for law enforcement what fire alarms do for the fire department. Instantly notifies emergency responders and building occupants of an emergency situation, expedites a rapid response, triggers emergency management protocols, and ultimately saves lives.
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All of our schools participate in a variety of drills, spread throughout the school year, giving teachers and students the chance to talk about safety and practice our protocols, meeting all state requirements.
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OK2Say is a confidential way for students to report anything that threatens their safety or the safety of others.
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Adverse Childhood Experience (A.C.E.) Training shares the science of brain development and trauma training, assuring safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments to create lifelong health and opportunity for all learners.
light bulb iconSuicide Ideation Protocol
Suicide is preventable. Suicide is one of the learning causes of adolescent death. We have developed a comprehensive approach to any suicide ideation, from identification to planning for supports.
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Each school has secure entrances and protocols in place to ensure safety.
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Critical Incident Stress Management provides a coordinated and consistent crisis response effort in order to accelerate recovery and create a supportive atmosphere.
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The Student Threat Assessment Team (S.T.A.T.) identifies, investigates, assesses, and intervenes in threats in a fair, rational, and standardized method in order to prevent violence.
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Over 30% of students in Michigan report being depressed. Our Mental Health team provides a district-wide framework, expanding on traditional methods to promote mental health by collaborating on prevention, intervention, and postvention services.
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Each building displays signs which instruct our visitors how to proceed in the event of an emergency. Whether you are visiting for a sporting event or for a student production, your safety is our priority.