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Campus Safety and Security

Snow Day Information

Snow Day Information

Dear CSPS Families:

As the blustery days of winter get close, it is time to review how winter weather affects our operations at Cedar Springs Public Schools.

When winter weather arrives overnight, our transportation supervisor will take to the roads by 4:00 a.m.  Road conditions, visibility, extreme temperatures, and weather forecasts are checked and neighboring school districts transportation departments are consulted.  The transportation supervisor will notify the Superintendent by 4:30 a.m. when conditions may warrant the need of a possible closing or delay.  Upon being notified, the Superintendent will then begin having conversations with neighboring superintendents as to what they are experiencing in regards to conditions.  Based on conditions and the data collected, the Superintendent will make a final determination to close, delay or operate as normal by 5:00 a.m.  All decisions to close, delay, or operate as normal are made with the safety of our students being our number one priority.

Delays will generally be for a period of two hours and are generally used due to fog or the need for road crews to better prepare county roads.  Delays will cancel the first session KCTC buses, AM ECSE programs, and the AM KTC programs bus.

Closings will cancel all scheduled activities and bus runs.  Individual activities and/or programs may be held pending advance approval by the Superintendent in consultation with program administrators.  Campus Kids will be open on days that school is closed and/or delayed unless otherwise noted in school closing announcements.  Please note that when school is cancelled the night before the snow day, Campus Kids will not be open on the snow day.

One other potential adjustment that may occur during the winter weather season is “No Travel Gravel” bus routes.  When “No Travel Gravel” bus routes occur, Cedar Springs’ buses will travel ONLY on paved roads when gravel roads become unsafe due to ice or mud.  “No Travel Gravel” bus routes have been prepared and distributed to parents for the 2017 – 2018 school year.  Please refer to your “No Travel Gravel” bus schedule when gravel roads are not being traveled.

When a closing, a delay, or buses traveling on paved roads only occurs, this information will be put on local radio and television stations using the GRAIL (Grand Rapids Area Information Link) network and the Cedar Springs Public Schools website.  Parents should plan to monitor radio and/or television stations when conditions warrant a possible delay, closure, or paved road travel only.

Everyone is reminded to slow down and drive defensively this winter season.


Jerry Gavin, Transportation Supervisor


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