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Cedar Springs Public Schools

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School Health Program

Cedar Springs Public Schools and Spectrum Health: Working Together to Provide Healthcare Services for Students.

The goal of the School Health Program is to help keep students healthy, in school, and ready to learn. With a registered nurse supported by health aides and virtual connectivity we can:
  • Promote healthy lifestyles
  • Prevent disease
  • Increase response time for medical emergencies
  • Minimize the impact of illness and disability on a student’s education.
  • Help Students perform their best when they feel their best.
Visit Spectrum's School Health Program for additional information.

What We Do 

The Registered Nurse (RN) for Cedar Springs Public Scholl provides professional nursing services and manages the school health program. She can be contacted by phone or virtually for consultation at all times. In addition, the RN trains and supports school health aides and secretaries who provide health care services to students.

What we provide for the students and staff
  • Manage students with chronic conditions such as asthma, allergies, diabetes, and seizures
  • Coordinate communication of student health care needs to staff
  • Assessment of acute illness or injury
  • Virtual response to emergency care of students and staff
  • CPR/First Aid training for staff
  • Immunization IP reporting to Kent County Health Department
  • Develop Individualized Healthcare Plans for students with medical conditions
  • Coordinate dental referrals with Cherry Street
  • Coordinate vision and hearing screening with Kent County Health Department
  • Train and supervise medication administration by school personnel and health aids
  • Protective Service referral