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Career Awareness

Students in grades K-5 spend some of their educational time on career awareness.

During this time, students are introduced to various careers in the classroom learning, and on location field trips, where they experience these careers directly from the experts.

K-5 Students Experience Career Awareness Through...

  • Parent and community members as career guest speakers 
  • Using search engine tools (Naviance, My Next Move, Pathfinder, etc.)
  • Activities in the core curriculum through CKLA career-focused education 
  • Career apparel days
  • Classroom art project focusing on careers 
  • Visiting parents at work, job shadowing, take your kid to work day
  • Business and industry guest speaker
  • Begin identifying personal traits and characteristics that may later link to career interests
  • Introduce the awareness of nontraditional careers
  • Career-focused summer camps or afterschool programs (STEM/Project Lead The Way, IT/ Girls Who Code, Science Olympiad, Robotics, Lego League, etc.)
  • Participation in/administration of career interest inventories
  • Career-specific awareness days (Manufacturing Day, Health Occupations, Construction Days, etc.)
  • Workplace tours, field trips where careers/occupations are talked about/demonstrated