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Career Exploration

When our students enter our Middle Level Schools (6-8 grades) they take the next step in planning for their futures, and students start exploring their interests.

Students (and parents) begin using the Naviance Program. Naviance helps students reach their goals by developing skills critical for college, career, and life.

6-7th Grade

By the end of 7th grade, your child will have developed their initial draft of an Educational Development Plan (EDP). 

To be effective, EDPs are dependent upon a larger career development and planning process. Career Awareness is designed to familiarize students with various types of careers, including career and technical education and non-traditional careers.

In the middle school grades, Career Exploration helps students explore and investigate all 17 career clusters so that they can align them to their career interests.

Connecting the EDP to a variety of other career development activities is critical to its meaning and success for students. EDPs do not stand by themselves. They are a component of a career development pathway model and representative of an individual’s decisions and plans at various intervals in their educational experience.   

Information provided by the Michigan Department of Education.

8th Grade

When students exit 8th grade, they have a solid foundation of what career clusters they want their future to be in and are ready to select course work for their next 4-years that set them up for success upon their graduation date!

Our 8th-grade students also have the opportunity to participate in a real-life simulation of what life will be like after graduation.


Read the story from School News Network coving this exciting simulation that our 8th grade students experience as part of their career exploration.

Naviance Button

Students in grades 6-8 use Naviance for:

  • Career aptitude tests
  • Identify their skills and talents
  • Career exploration, wages/salary, job outlook/trends, etc.
  • Build their four-year plan for high school
  • Establish their EDP
  • Lessons with themes of self discovery, success skills, support networks, career planning and financial planning