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Multi-Tiered System of Support


A Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) is a data-driven, problem-solving framework to improve outcomes for all students. MTSS relies on a continuum of evidence-based practices matched to student needs. 

By implementing MTSS, we increase the consistency of effective instruction, build staff knowledge and skills to equitably support all learners, use data to proactively identify and provide support for students, and create a positive culture that nurtures relationships with students and their families, and communities. This strong foundation helps learners gain the skills needed to realize their life dreams!

At Cedar Springs Public Schools our continuous improvement goals center on installing and implementing MTSS.

Our systems include the following:

  • Continuous data-based decision making
  • Tiered delivery system
  • Team-based leadership
  • Comprehensive screening and assessment system
  • Selection and implementation of evidence-based instruction, interventions, and supports

Our two goals focus on:

  • Intentional, evidence-based instructional design, especially in literacy and mathematics
  • Positive climate and culture leads to high levels of student engagement

Annual Education Report for Cedar Springs Public Schools

MiMTSS Implantation and Impact District 2021-22 Gold District
MiMTSS Implantation and Impact District 2021-22 Silver School Behavior
MiMTSS District Data Utilization 2021-22
MiMTSS Implantation and Impact District 2021-22 Bronze School Behavior
MiMTSS Implantation and Impact District 2021-22 Silver School Reading
MiMTSS Implantation and Impact District 2021-22 Broze School Reading

Recently, the MiMTSS Technical Assistance Center recognized our School at the Gold Level for our work toward implementing a Multi-Tiered System of Support in the area of Behavior and Reading!

  • MTSS Data Utilization Award Recipients in Behavior for District Reading at Elementary Schools
  • GOLD MTSS Implementation and Impact Award for the District
    • In Behavior:
      • Silver: High School, Middle School, Red Hawk Intermediate
      • Bronze: Cedar Trails, Beach 
    • In Reading:
      • Bronze: Cedar Trails
      • Silver: Cedar View