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Alumni Transcript and Records Request

All transcripts from Cedar Springs High School take place upon request at
Create an account:

  1. Click on the ‘create account’ button in the top right
  2. Select “Learners or Parents” Create Account
  3. Fill out the information and click ‘sign up’
  4. Wait to receive the verification code to complete the registration

To Request Transcripts:

  1. Log into account (follow steps above if need to create one)
  2. Click on the “Orders” tab top right
  3. Click “Create new order”
  4. Click “+ start by adding a school or organization you attended”
  5. Search for “Cedar Springs High School”
  6. Click “Add”
  7. Answer all questions
  8. Select the “I waive my right to access” check box at the bottom
  9. Click “Consent and Request”
  10. After back on the main screen, click on “Order”
  11. Select the location you wish to send your transcripts to and select
  12. Once select, follow steps to submit your request

Transcripts request take around a week during the school year, and may take over a week in the summer. 
If you have an urgent request please contact the high school at (616) 696-1200.

Ordering Transcripts for College

You can request transcripts online and have them sent directly to colleges through Secure Transcript™ 

Look for the Secure Transcript link on the College or University website and log in.

Secure Transcript™ is provided through Parchment by Docufide, Inc, which takes care of sending out official transcripts, checked and approved by the school, to the colleges and scholarship funds you choose. You'll get an email when each transcript is sent, and for colleges that accept transcripts electronically, when they receive it as well.