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Winter Wishes for Red Hawks


This holiday season, we extend a heartfelt invitation to you to be a part of our cherished tradition: Winter Wishes for Red Hawks. Together, we can bring smiles to our students' faces and fill their hearts with warmth and delight.

Your generous donations help us honor the legacy of Sandy Samsel, a beloved tradition that has brightened the holidays for Cedar Springs Public Schools since 1995. With your support, we can ensure that every Red Hawk receives a special gift this holiday season.

Sandy's Legacy

Carrie and Mom

Sandy Samsel's story is one of enduring kindness and community spirit. A respected Cedar Springs business owner in 1995, Sandy reached out to her daughter, Carrie Mellema, a member of our school staff, with a proposal that warmed our hearts. She offered to sponsor students in need during the winter holidays. This was not just a one-off act of generosity but the beginning of an ongoing commitment. 

Even after selling her business, the tradition she established not only continued but flourished. It evolved into "Winter Wishes for Red Hawks," a program that maximizes giving back to our students and families through the collective efforts of our students, staff, and community members. Sandy's thoughtful actions mirror the core values of Cedar Springs, where supporting each other is deeply ingrained. Her legacy continues to inspire and encourage us all to contribute positively to our students' lives. 


How to Give:

Give in Every Way: Your Impact, No Matter the Size!

Your generosity knows no bounds. Whether you choose to pick an item from our wish list, donate a few dollars, select from our giving tree, or sponsor an entire family or student, every contribution matters. View all the ways you can give from the list below!

Family Selection

Cedar Springs Public Schools allows staff to nominate families and students for Winter Wishes for Red Hawks. Our dedicated student services department, teachers, social workers, and building administration carefully review nominations and work directly with families to identify essential items needed.