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English Learners


Cedar Springs Public Schools believes each child must be treated as an individual with cultural differences appreciated and respected. The EL program is an English language development program using content for the development of speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills for English Learners (EL).

Support is given to students in grades K-12 on an individual basis to work on English language acquisition and provide academic support. 

Students are assessed in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Once we receive the results, a program is developed for the student and implemented. The frequency of service delivery depends on each student's needs. We help English Learners (EL) with assimilation into a new culture by supporting them socially and academically. 

Staff from the EL program work directly with students' teachers to adapt and modify the curriculum and reinforce classroom objectives. The staff works together to prioritize general curriculum goals. They teach and utilize instructional tools, building academic vocabulary, and building background knowledge for academic achievement.

Translating services are available to families at parent/teacher conferences and other school meetings. For more information contact the building secretary where your student attends.

EL Handbook for Cedar Springs Public Schools