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King Carpenter meeting with students

Kindergarteners in Ms. VanDerWeides' classroom have been learning about Columbus and the Pilgrims in their current CKLA Knowledge unit. 
Most recently, the class learned about how Columbus took an expedition to find the Indies for the king and queen of Spain. While the land he discovered wasn't the Indies, he still found unique items to bring back to the king and queen. 

The class then took their own expedition! The expedition began with a decree from King Carpenter asking if we were brave enough to explore new lands and bring him back the treasures he desired. 

King Carpenter meeting with students

The students needed funding for the expedition (like Columbus) and asked if the king would give them gold. King Carpenter agreed to fund the expedition, and students began their trip to find foreign treasures! 

Students traveled far and wide across the land (to our outdoor classroom and trails) searching for treasures. The expedition ended successfully as students found items similar to what Columbus sought after gold coins, gems, exotic birds, and beautiful cloth.

Students sitting in the outdoor classroom

It was an exciting day and a fun way to take learning to the next level!