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District Announcements

Red Hawks Rising: Welcome event for the class of 2028 January 23, 2024
Red Hawks Rising: Welcome event for the class of 2028

Thank you to everyone who joined us at the Red Hawks Rising event at Cedar Springs High School! If you missed it, no worries. We've got all the key information from the event below.

Miss the event or need a recap
Watch the event recording and check out the slideshow here.

It's almost time to plan your classes! We encourage you to review the 24-25 High School Curriculum Guide with your student and start to map out what classes they'd like to take. Have questions about scheduling? Please contact your counselor:

New to Cedar Springs Public Schools
Please visit our enrollment page after February 1, 2024, for the 24-25 school year enrollment. You'll get all the info you need to start your journey with us.

8th Grade/New Student Orientation
Don't miss the 8th Grade/New Student Orientation at Cedar Springs High School in August. We'll email you, update our website, and post on our Facebook page with all the details in the last week of school and again in early August.

Questions? We're here for you:
Red Hawk Intermediate Principal, Courtney MacDonald, at 616-696-3123 x5900
Cedar Springs High School Principal, Todd Simmons, at 616-696-1200 x7979

FAFSA Filing Party

We're excited to announce that the updated Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will be available on December 31! To assist our senior families in this important process, we're hosting a FAFSA support session.

Join Us for Assistance:

  • Date: January 10th
  • Time: 6 PM to 8 PM
  • Location: High School Cafeteria
  • Filing the FAFSA can be quick, taking as little as 30 minutes. Feel free to drop in at a time that suits you best during the session!

What to Bring:

  • Your student and their Chromebook for optimal internet access.
  • Alternatively, you're welcome to bring your own laptop. We'll provide wifi guest logins. (Note: We have limited computers available.)

Don't miss this opportunity to get support with the FAFSA and ensure a smooth application process. 

Be sure to bring the additional items below if you are attending the FAFSA Filing Party!

Preparation Tips for Upcoming FAFSA Session

Whether you're attending our FAFSA support session or planning to file from home, here are some useful tips to ensure you're well-prepared:

  1. Create Your FSA ID Ahead of Time: It's a good idea to set up your FSA ID in advance.For help on knowing who in your family needs an FSA ID, please review THIS CHART
  2. Essential Documents to Bring:
    1. Social Security numbers.
    2. Tax documents.
    3. W2 forms.
  3. With all of the changes to the FAFSA, check out this SHORT VIDEO SERIES directly from Federal Student Aid that will help you understand all of the changes and new terminology for the new FAFSA.

Having these items on hand will streamline the process, whether you're completing the FAFSA at our session or in the comfort of your home.

FAFSA Filing Guide: Key Steps and Resources

  1. Official FAFSA Website
    1. Access the application at the FAFSA Official Site. Remember, FAFSA is free – if a website asks for payment, it's not legitimate.
    2. Paper FAFSA Option: While available, we recommend avoiding the paper application due to longer processing times and complexity. Online filing is faster and more efficient.
  2. Set Up Your FSA ID: Create your FSA ID before filing.
    1. Visit FSA ID Setup for instructions.
      1. Both students and one parent need an FSA ID, which serves as your login and electronic signature for the FAFSA.
      2. Security: Keep your FSA ID information secure but accessible, as it's necessary for future FAFSA filings, making changes, and for loan applications at Student Aid - Loans.
      3. Activation Time: It takes 1-3 days for the FSA ID to become fully operational, so set it up a few days before starting the FAFSA.
      4. FSA ID Replaces PIN: The FSA ID is now used in place of the PIN on all federal student aid websites.
  3. Required Documents: The exact documents needed vary based on individual circumstances, but generally include:
    1. Social Security Number (both students and parents)
    2. Diver's license (if any) or state ID
    3. W-2 forms and other records of money earned from two years ago (for example: if it is currently 2020 you need 2018s information)
    4. Income Tax Returns from two years ago
    5. Records of child support paid
    6. Records of taxable earnings from Federal work-study or other need-based work programs
    7. Records of student grants, scholarships, and fellowship aid, including AmeriCorps awards that were included in student or parent AGI
    8. Current stock, bond, and other investment records
    9. Current business and farm records
  4. Most students will need these core documents. Specific requirements depend on income and other factors.
    1. All students will need social security numbers, W-2, and tax forms.

By following these guidelines, you'll be well-prepared for a successful FAFSA filing experience.


East Coast Trip Register Today

Hey Red Hawks!

Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime! Our Cedar Springs 8th graders are gearing up for an incredible East Coast trip, happening June 15-21, 2024. This isn't just any trip; it's a journey packed with learning, excitement, and unforgettable memories. Here's a sneak peek of what’s in store:

Day 1: Off to a Great Start
Our journey begins bright and early at Cedar Springs Middle School. We'll make our first stop at the Cleveland Zoo - a perfect spot to stretch our legs and enjoy some lunch amidst the wonders of wildlife.

Day 2: The Big Apple Awaits
New York City, here we come! We’ll start our day at the 9/11 Memorial Museum, followed by a thrilling ride on The Beast speedboat to see the Statue of Liberty. We’ll also visit Madame Tussauds and wrap up the day with dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp Company in Times Square.

Day 3: Historic Philadelphia
We’ll kick off the day at the Hard Rock Cafe, then visit the Eastern State Penitentiary and explore Philly's historic streets by double-decker bus. In D.C., we’ll dine at Union Station and take a guided tour of the nation’s iconic memorials.

Day 4: Discovering D.C.
We’ll start with a tram ride through Arlington National Cemetery and spend the afternoon at the Smithsonian Museums. The day ends with fun at Dave & Buster's!

Day 5: Spies and Ghosts
We’ll test our spy skills at the International Spy Museum and then head to Gettysburg for a Ghost Walk and dinner.

Day 6: Gettysburg and Hershey Park
After exploring Gettysburg National Military Park, we’ll spend the afternoon and evening enjoying Hershey Park’s exciting rides!

Day 7: Homeward Bound
We return to Cedar Springs, bringing back not just souvenirs but a wealth of experiences and memories.

This trip is more than just sightseeing; it’s about connecting with our history, culture, and each other. The cost covers meals, transportation, accommodations, and more. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity!

Reserve your spot now and join us for an unforgettable journey. Let's make memories that will last a lifetime!

Visit the East Coast Webpage for Additional Information

RHI Q1 Honor Roll

A big round of applause for our 8th graders who made the Honor Roll for Quarter 1! Keep up the hard work and dedication! Congratulations!

Brylee Alber Kaysi Green Alora Morales Bristol Shadley
Gwenyth Alvarez Reed Haack Adelyn Nesbitt Declan Shoffner
Keegan Bailey Elliana Henney Alex Nguyen Tadhg Shoffner
Luke Ball Nathaniel Hernandez Sophia Nicholls Sophia Sinnema
Aaron Beckett Angelina Hines Hailey Nichols Randy Slocum III
Madyson Beemer Keenan Ingersoll Kyla Nixon Jessi Smith
Owen Bell Devyn Jenner Marek Nozkowski Saxon Smith
Braun Bender Jack Kalinowski Claire O'Brien Parker Spaeth
Lillian Blanchard Spencer Kanady Alayna Oakes Cole Spicer
Jakson Bravata Joshua Karjala William Osech-Vincent Samuel Stachowiak
Trisha Buckmaster Liam Kelley Brinkley Parker Justin Straub
Karla Burch Jordyn Kerrish Erin Payer Nathan Tate
Gage Cassiday Kaylynn Kopischka Gwenyth Petersen Landon Thomas
Andrew Cassidy Maci Kurek Lexie Pfeifer Anders Thompson
Calvin Cherry Jacob Levandowski Danica Potratz Evan Thompson
Jacob Christie Joshua Linderman Trevor Randall Gabriel Urie
John Clement Ethan Litz Colton Ream Avery Van Dyke
Jaelyn Closser Donovan Lynch Jackson Reed Catriona Van Sweden
Sophia Colombo Parker MacDonald Rabeka Reeves Elizabeth Van Syckle
Raelynn Dells Patrick MacLangs Olivia Reyers Elizabeth Vanderpool
Brett Dines Alexa Marshall Dayton Reynolds Xavier Wells
Trenton Drew Morgan Marshall Landon Rizor Blake Werkema
Baya Durham Taylor Marshall Autumn Rop Trista Weronko
Dylan Edgar Zeke Marsman Joslin Rosenberger Kailyn Whilden
Addison French Connor Martin Zaryiah Ruecker Austin Wilcox
Ashlan French Logan McCarty Kendall Saboo Nikolas Williamson
Zavier Gomez Mason McCuaig Morgan Sanders Mallory Willoughby
Braxon Gorby Vincent Medendorp Liam Satterthwaite Hudson Wood
Ryker Gotwalt Camryn Miller Alyssa Schimm Zoey York
Kylynn Grala Cyan Minnich Brendon Schippers  
Middle School Honor Roll Q1

A big round of applause for our 6th and 7th graders who made the Honor Roll for Quarter 1! Keep up the hard work and dedication! Congratulations!

6th Grade Students

Brycen Alber Keegan Griffee Kinsley Mey Christopher Smith
Lukas Albertson Vera Grzeszak Dylan Murithi Sydney Smith
Kenlynn Anderson Adelyn Gugliotta Zoe Napieralski Payton Sowles
Warren Anderson Chase Hamilton Arya Nelson Jaiden St. Amour
Gabriel Antonopulos Joshua Hankinson Emma Newton Cassidy Stick
Ariyanna Armstrong Ellie Haynes Abigail Nicholls Sierra Streeter
Olivia Barger Zachary Hendricks Braydan Nichols Isabell Striebel
Lincoln Barger Trevor Hess Jackson Noller Mason Taylor
Kaia Beach Trennon Homrich Seeley O'Brien Jaxx Telvi
Brookelyn Beardsley Reese Hotz Kevin O'Brien Harrison Ten Brink
Ethan Behrens Anika Hoult Elise Park Evelyn Teunessen
Luke Bell Samantha Howard Raleigh Peck Aiden Thompson
Payton Benedict Dash Huerta Logan Pfeifer Malick Traore
Ethan Benoit Christopher Hutchinson Elliot Phillips Dylan Triick
Emma Bignall Zoe Hutton Thomas Pierce Jr Damian Turner
Logan Brooks Lucas Inman Elizabeth Pongrattana Halle Valliere
Tanner Burris Caleb Johnson Lilith Reed Stephen Van Syckle
Hudson Cassiday Mackenzie Jolly Cole Reinke Adilynn VanDyke
Bralynn Chapman Macey Kacprzyk Noah Relich Alivia VanDyke
Cameron Clark Lela Kahler Serenity Rhoads Caitlin Vandyke
Lexon Cornelius Dakota Kendall Elias Rice Emily VanGessel
Foster Covey Lydia Koeppel Blakelee Ringler-Wright Hailey Vitunskas
Austin Crawford Gage Kolenda Lillian Roberts Levi Vogelar
Halie Cummings Robert Krumwiede Karsen Roelofs Arabella Walukonis
Ryah Deglopper Rielly Kuiper Gwyneth Roest Braxtyn Wells
Andrew Demink Haylynn Kyser Peyton Rood Whitney Willoughby
Amelia Dibell Natalie Ladd Breanna Rosel Kensley Winn
Carson Dunham Kendalyn Laughlin Rayna Rosenow Colten Wladischkin
Quinn Durham Logan Linsley Lillian Rozek Carter Wohlford
Isabella Eaton Kendrick Lynch Avery Saboo Carter Wolfe
Isabella Eddy Evelyn Lyons Brody Sarniak Avalon Wright
Layla Emery Paisley Macdonald Brayden Schulte David Wyatt
Carter Empie Zyan Maki Austin Schulte Sawyer Wysocki
Grady Evans Macie Mangum Alice Sharpe Theodore Ziomkowski
Jaxon Fitzgerald Kendrik Marks Ronni Simmons  
Annilee Gage Grant Marshall Ivy Sissell  
Mackenzie Gee Taiten McCuaig Tristan Skiver-Palmer  
Nadia Graham Trenton Mcmahon David Smith  
Cole Greenland Jackson Metts Ava Smith  


7th Grade Students

Mason Amann Jacob Gatchel Samuel Lukshaitis Kara Smith
Zoey Arizola Noah Gierke Andrew Marusak Harper Stanton
Frederick Babcock Monroe Glerum Grace Marvin Kilian Stick
Maybelline Bailey Olivia Greenland Payton Matthews David Stoutmeyer
Brielle Barker Elijah Gunderson Brooklyn McCulloch Bryson Streeter
Bryson Beemer Liliana Gunneson Ava Moehlig Keira Tagg
Carter Benoit Jack Hankiewicz Reynold Moerland Kabrie Threatt
Madilyn Breu Hailey Hansen Jayden Mull Autumn Tompkins
Ella Britt Ava Haring Sophiah Organ Ainsley Tompkins
Charlotte Brown Lylah Hasso Emily Paulson Addisyn Trompen
Isaac Brown Scarlett Hayden Dawson Pike Isabella Valliere
Christopher Butler Taylor Hess Keahi Potratz Abigail Van Horn
Kaden Craig Harrison Hilbert Annabelle Powers Laney VanderKooi
Samuel Curtis Zander Hoult Jaxson Pratt Kellen VanderTuuk
Ashtyn Darling Brady Hubert Molly Race Dillon Vandyke
Wyatt Dickinson Faith Huizinga Ella Randall Gunner Verburg
Mason Duram Kyan Huntoon Alizabeth Raymond Coleman Vree
Lilly Easterday Ameera Jan Cole Redes Ginny Wells
Ethan Eckelstafer Bryce Johnston Madelyn Reister Jackson Wernette
Elijah Elam Colton Kalinowski Braden Roberts Landon Wilcox
Evelyn Elliott Jayce Karafa Tyler Robinson Abigail Wilkinson
James Elliott Jaydan Karjala Marlaina Roest Breanna Wolver
Brooklynn Engel Addison Kent Addison Rosel Avery Woodard
Jameson Eyer Sawyer Klein Lydia Russo Wyatt Workman
Jackson Farrell Olivia Kolenda Gwendolyn Sanborn Kaylee Wright
Mayli Fessenden Nolan Kreft Emma Sibley Carter York
Maddison Ford Ryan Krol Ava Sissell Jacob Zimmer
Megan Fraser Claire LeFever Bentley Slabbekoorn Alesha Zimmerman
Lacey Galloway Claudia Lentine Elizabeth Slater Bradyn Zimpfer
Megan Garske Grayson Louck Sydnea Smith  
1st semester exams schedule

The First Semester Exams, which traditionally took place after winter break, will now be held from Tuesday, December 19 to Thursday, December 21. This alteration is part of our ongoing efforts to enhance the learning experience for our students and streamline our academic schedule.

In the upcoming weeks, you can expect further communication with detailed information about the bell schedule and exam timetable, ensuring everyone is well-prepared for this shift.

Download Exam Schedule

Bus Delays Oct 25-30

In observance of School Bus Safety Month, Cedar Springs Public Schools (CSPS) will conduct evacuation drills for our entire fleet of buses from October 25 to 30. These drills will occur in a secure location on school property, weather permitting. Ensuring the safety of our students is paramount, and it is important that drivers and students know what to do in the event of a school bus emergency.

Please be prepared for potential delays during afternoon drop-offs. If you have any time-sensitive activities or appointments scheduled for next week, we recommend arranging alternative transportation for your student(s) on those days.

At CSPS, the safety of our students is our top priority, and these evacuation drills are instrumental in reinforcing our commitment to their well-being. We sincerely appreciate your understanding and patience in allowing us to perform these safety exercises.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Transportation Office at (616) 696-1450.

Thank you for your continued support in ensuring the safety of our students.

Fall 23 HS Conferences

We are excited to invite you to our upcoming Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences, where we will discuss your child's progress and achievements.

Please mark your calendars for these important dates:
Wednesday, October 25 - 5 to 7:30 p.m.
Thursday, October 26 - 3 to 5:30 p.m.

Schedule Your Conference Appointments:
To schedule your conference appointments with our dedicated educators, simply visit the Conference Scheduling Google Doc, and click on the specific teacher you would like to schedule a time with.

Student Participation Encouraged:
We strongly encourage you to bring your child to these conferences. Their active involvement is key to ownership of their learning and cultivating a champion mindset. These conferences provide a unique opportunity for students to take charge of their academic achievements with your guidance and support.


2023 Fall Middle Level Conferences Information and Sign Up

We are excited to invite you to our Middle-Level Fall Conferences, a vital opportunity to discuss your child's progress and connect with teachers. This year, conferences will be held via Google Meets or in person at Red Hawk Intermediate (8th Grade) and the Middle School (6th/7th Grade).

Conference Dates and Formats:

  • Monday, October 16
    • In-person: 4-7 p.m.
  • Wednesday, October 18
    • Google Meets: 3-4 p.m.
    • In-person: 4-6 p.m.

Important Details:

  • Entering Rooms: We ask you to please wait until teachers have opened their doors as close to 4 p.m. to respect parents they may be meeting with for an online conference.
  • Powerschool Preparation: We recommend reviewing your child's grades on PowerSchool before the conference. This will help maximize our discussion time together. Our secretaries will be in the main office to help with any questions or issues you have.
  • Red Hawk (8th Grade): In-person conferences will be 'open house' style in the gymnasium with a five-minute limit. Limited parking is available; please use designated spaces by the front entrance, Early Childhood Center, or north lot and enter through the main door.
  • Middle School (6th/7th Grade): Conferences will be scheduled in seven-minute blocks. Please honor the time slots to accommodate all families.
  • Need More Time?: We must stick to the time limit to allow our team to meet with all of you during this time. If you need additional time with your child's teacher, contact them to schedule a meeting to allow additional time for discussion and questions.

How to Sign Up
Click the link to schedule virtual (6-8) and in-person (6/7 only) appointments. The sign-up closes on Friday, October 13, at 6 p.m. (Note: 8th grade in-person conferences require no appointment.)


Elementary Book Fair Volunteers Needed

Our Elementary PTO is excited to announce our upcoming Book Fair, and we need your help to make it a success! Volunteering at the Book Fair is a wonderful opportunity to get involved in your child's school experience and support their love for reading.

The Book Fair will be held during the school day, and we are looking for volunteers to assist with various tasks. If you are available and willing to volunteer, please consider signing up for a time slot using the SignUp Genius links below:

Cedar Trails Sign Up Genius Link: Book Fair - Cedar Trails
Beach Sign Up Genius Link: Book Fair - Beach
Cedar View Sign Up Genius Link: Book Fair - Cedar View

Your support is invaluable, and volunteering at the Book Fair is a fantastic way to contribute to our school community. Please note that volunteers must go through our background check screening process before volunteering (information is included in the sign-up). If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the PTO at

Bus Route Changes 9.18.23

Dear Parents:

As most of you are aware, there continues to be a shortage of workers in almost all job fields. The worker shortage has affected school systems across the country, especially in regard to school bus drivers. Cedar Springs Public Schools has been fortunate up to this point that we have been able to operate our transportation operations in a fairly stable manner. Unfortunately, we have now reached a point where it is necessary to adjust our bus routes again due to a lack of school bus

While we fully understand that changes to bussing schedules are never convenient, especially during the school year, we have no other option but to reduce the number of bus routes that we are currently operating. To continue to have bus routes in place without having the school bus drivers to operate those buses, would create inconvenient circumstances with little or no notice being able to be provided to parents and students when the cancellation of bus routes would be necessary.

Beginning September 18, 2023, two secondary tier bus routes (6th grade -12th grade) and two elementary tier bus routes (K- 5th grade) are being eliminated. The students currently assigned to the routes that were eliminated are being reassigned to other bus routes. At this time, we are able to continue to provide all students with Transportation services available to them. With these changes, you and your student(s) can expect to see changes in bus numbers, bus routes, pick-up and drop-off times, and the number of children assigned to each bus. Absorbing all of the students that were on the eliminated routes will increase the number of students on each bus. None of our bus routes will ever transport more students than the legally rated capacity of the bus they are assigned to.

In order to ensure that all students have the correct bus information that will begin on September 18, 2023, you may be getting this letter even if your student's bussing is not affected by any changes. Please check the top of this letter for the correct bus information which will begin on September 18, 2023. Please remember to have your children at the bus stop, in full view of the bus driver, 5 minutes before the listed pick-up time.

We apologize for any inconvenience that these changes may create for your family. We assure you however that these reductions are necessary to continue to provide transportation services for all of the students who require bus transportation service. It is our goal to reinstate cut bus routes as soon as bus driver staffing issues improve.

If you have any questions regarding your child's bussing, please feel free to contact the Transportation Office at (616) 696-1450.

Cedar Springs Public Schools Transportation Department Staff - Dean Transportation

23 Sept Athletes of the Month

Reagan Viau (Senior), Girls Cross Country
Reagan started her senior season being a scoring member of our team for the first time and with a PR (taking off an average of four/five minutes) in her 5k! 

Reagam leads by example in both workouts and racing, where she pushes her teammates and makes our group better. Reagan brings a fun energy and work ethic to practice every day. She is very coachable and a great representation of what we look for in our Red Hawk athletes!

Jazmyn Smith (Junior), Sideline Cheer
Jazmyn is in her third sideline season but her first season on Varsity. Jazmyn has grown leaps and bounds and stepped up her stunting skills in the past year. She works hard with her group to achieve new goals. She is definitely someone to watch this season!

Cody Greenland (Freshman), Football
Cody is an incredibly coachable and respectful young man. He is an accomplished athlete with an amazing personality and ability to inspire those around him and bring a smile to his teammates. Cody displays leadership skills by helping to coach up those around him at all times and will do whatever it takes to help his team be successful.

Alyssa Krol (Junior), Volleyball
Alyssa Krol enters her second Varsity year as the starting Libero, managing the back row defense with efficiency, accuracy, and reliability.  Alyssa is the junior Captain who has been a driving force behind the Red Hawk Varsity volleyball success by executing a consistent on-target pass both in receiving and digs. 
Alyssa leads the team in digs (44) and serves receptions (73), has a 90.7% serve accuracy, and is ranked second in the OK gold conference for digs per set at 3.7. This season, she was named MaxPreps Player of the Match for the Greenville Varsity Triangular match. 

Coryn Wiles (Senior), Golf
Coryn has struggled through a challenging injury this fall but continues to lead and persevere as she works hard to get her form back. The team appreciates her enthusiasm and personality, making everyone on our team better!

Jacob VanDyke (Junior), Equestrian Team
Jacob is an experienced horseman who enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with his teammates. He shows strong leadership skills and always has an encouraging word for his teammates.

Ryan Ladd (Sophomore), Cross Country
Ryan is known throughout our entire conference as a fierce competitor, but also as someone who celebrates the successes others. He is a steady rock for us in training, in the classroom, and a source of energy every day - no doubt he is a leader in the making.

Title I Information

Title I funding is designed to help all students meet high academic standards. Cedar Springs Public Schools uses its Title I funding to support qualifying students who need additional academic intervention. (2023 MI Department of Education). 

Learn how Title I programming is implemented at Cedar Springs Public Schools by downloading the PDF below.

You may reach out with questions at any time to

Title I Download

Back to School Information

We are excited to see students on the first day of school on Wednesday, August 23, 2023!

Check out our Back-To-School Information newsletters for important information about open houses, transportation, food services, and more!

K-5 Grades Back-To-School Information
6-12 Grades Back-To School Information
10-12 Grades Additional Back-To-School Information

If you are a parent or guardian and did not receive this communication via email, please email so we can verify your communication settings.

Food Services School Meal Application

We ask all families to submit a school meal application to ensure all students have continued access to our nutritious meals.

The school meal applications are used for much more than just certifying students for free or reduced-price school meals.  Filling out an application can help your family and the district by:

  • Making the district eligible for additional funding from state and federal programs.
  • Qualify your family for discount rates on home internet service.
  • Qualify you for reduced registration fees on AP, SAT, and/or ACT tests.  
  • It may also qualify you for discounted rates associated with college admissions.

Every eligible form counts and adds valuable resources to our district. Parents can begin applying for meal applications for the 2023-2024 school year starting today. The application is located in the Family Portal. Once your account has been created, you also can add money to your student's lunch account to purchase a la carte items (not covered under free meals).

Apply Here 

To apply, visit our new Family Portal (also used for student lunch accounts)

  1. Create an account using your email
  2. Follow the steps once you receive your confirmation email
  3. Once logged into your account click 'Benefits'
  4. Review the information on the next two pages and click next
  5. Add from the drop-down benefits type if applicable and click next
  6. Add all children living in your home to your account - once done click next
  7. Add all adults living in your home - once done click next
  8. Click on the parent to add household income
  9. Follow the next steps for demographic information
  10. Review to make sure all information is accurate
  11. Sign the application and click finish

Completing an application takes less than 10 minutes and you only need to complete one application per family. Applications are completely confidential and will not be shared outside of the school food service office. Since your family’s financial situation may change from year to year, you must fill out a new application each school year.

If you do not know your student ID number, please email our food services department, or call them at 616-696-0372.

Thank you for taking the time to submit your application.

Sports Physicals July 26

If you plan to participate on an athletic team next year, you must have an updated physical on file. The Red Hawk Athletic Department will be hosting a sports physical clinic open to students going into grades 6-12.

Wednesday, July 26
Cedar Springs High School Gym
6-8 p.m.
$25 for physical

You must have your physical form completed by a parent/guardian before you arrive. You can download a form here, or pick one up outside the athletic office.

Photo of Spring 2023 OK Gold CSHS Athletes

First Team All-Conference:
Larissa McGrath
Taylor Diemond

First Team All-Conference
Dylan LaFontsee
Ryan West
Espen Wood
Hudson Pant

First Team All-Conference
Kaityln Miller

First Team All-Conference
Kendall Fisk
Dakota Traxler
Tennessee Traxler
Olivia Tozer
Honorable Mention:
Aspen Haywood

First Team All-Conference
Walker Glyshaw
Braydon Gregory
Honorable Mention
Parker Vaughn

First Team All-Conference
Kelsi Green
Reagan Viau
Honorable Mention: Ashleigh Martin and Brooklyn Colclasure

Summer Strength and Conditioning for all students with red hawk logo

Strength and condition training will be available for all students in grades 6-12 in the weight room (students must enter through Red Hawk Stadium).

Tuesday, June 13 - Thursday, July 27 (no conditioning will be available the week of July 3-7, 2023)


  • 7-8:15 a.m. - JV/Varsity Football
  • 8:30-9:45 a.m. - High School Boys 
  • 10-11:15 a.m. - High School Girls 
  • 11:30 a.m.-12:15 p.m. - Middle Level Boys 
  • 12:30 p.m.-1:15 p.m. - Middle Level Girls

If you have questions, reach out to our athletic department at 616-696-9080.

Meet up and eat up logo

The Food Service Department will provide free summer meals between June 12 and August 10.

No meals served July 3-7.

Monday - Thursday
Cedar Trails Elementary School
Breakfast: 8 a.m. - 9 a.m.
Lunch: 11 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.

Free meals are available for children 18 years of age and under, and for persons up to age 26 who are enrolled in an educational program for the mentally or physically disabled recognized by the state or local public education agency.

Summer Information with Red Hawk Logo with a beach background

General Information

Summer Office Hours for June 12 through August 4 (all offices will be closed July 3 and 4).

  • District Office will be open Monday-Thursday, 7 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., and Friday’s 7-11:30 a.m. Our team can assist you with:
  • Cedar Springs High School office will be open Monday-Thursday, 7 a.m. - 3 p.m. Our team can assist you with:
    • High School Diplomas
    • Work Permits
    • Pay-to-Play Fees
    • Sports physical forms pick-up/drop off (dated after 4/15/23)
    • Testing Out Materials
    • Paying off EMC courses
    • High School Parking Permits
    • Building tours
  • Other School Buildings
    • Elementary and middle level school offices hours are limited in the summer; we suggest calling the building before you visit.
    • If you have individual grade-level questions, please call the school office and leave a message. Once a week, messages will be returned.

Meet Up and Eat Up
Meals will be served at Cedar Trails Elementary School

  • June 12, 2023 - August 10, 2023 (No meals served July 3-7)
  • Monday- Thursday
  • Breakfast: 8 - 9 a.m.
  • Lunch: 11- 12:45 a.m.

Questions? Reach out to Holly Haywood, Director of Food Services at 616-696-0372.

Summer Strength and Conditioning
Strength and conditioning training will be available Monday-Thursday for all students in grades 6-12 in the weight room (students must enter through Red Hawk Stadium).
Starting Tuesday, June 13-July 27 (No conditioning from July 3-7).

  • 7-8:15 a.m. - JV/Varsity Football
  • 8:30-9:45 a.m. - High School Boys
  • 10-11:15 a.m. - High School Girls
  • 11:30 a.m.-12:15 p.m. - Middle Level Boys 
  • 12:30 p.m.-1:15 p.m. - Middle Level Girls 

Questions?  Reach out to our athletic department at 616-696-9080.

Open House/Orientation Dates
All dates are subject to change prior to August 2, 2023

  • Cedar Trails Elementary Open House
    • Monday, August 21, 5-6 p.m.
  • Beach Elementary Open House
    • Monday, August 21, 5:30 - 6:30 p.m.
  • Cedar View Elementary Open House
    • Monday, August 21, 6-7 p.m.
  • Red Hawk Intermediate Open House
    • Monday, August 21, time TBD (evening)
  • Middle School Curriculum Night
    • Tuesday, August 29, time TBD (evening)
    • Orientation will take place prior to the first day of school, date/time is TBD
  • High School Orientation
    • Thursday, August 17, time TBD
  • GSRP and CS Preschool Open House
    • Week of September 4 (more information to come)
  • ECSE Open House (at Early Childhood Center)
    • Monday, August 21, 5-6 p.m.

Welcome letters, teacher assignments, and placement information

  • Elementary Schools will send via email the week of August 11, 2023
  • GSRP and Preschool will contact parents in early August

An email with back-to-school information will be sent on August 2, 2023, including: 

  • Open House/Orientation Dates
  • 23-24 School Hours
  • Chromebook Information
  • Busing Information (letters will be mailed to registered students by August 14, 2023)
  • Athletic try-outs
  • Additional back-to-school information

Any additional questions, please email or call our district office at 616-696-1204.

We hope everyone has a wonderful summer!

Betty Van Andel Teachers of Excellence 2023 logo

We are excited to share that Julia Wilcox, a Teacher at New Beginnings High School has been selected as one of ten teachers to receive the 2023 Betty Van Andel Teachers of Excellence Award!

Teachers of Excellence get selected for their hard work and dedication to their students and for creating classrooms where curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking thrive.

We hope our students, staff, and community will join us in celebrating Ms. Wilcox as she receives this award for 2023!

Beach and View Choir Concert Cedar Springs High School at 6:30 p.m.

The Beach and Cedar View Choirs will perform at their final concert for the 2022 school year this Friday, May 12 in the high school auditorium at 6:30 p.m.!

We invite the community to attend this musical showcase from our students!

First page of the PDF file: 5123SeniorNewsletter

Only one month until the Class of 2023 takes the stage to graduate!

If you are a senior/senior parent be sure to review the senior newsletter which includes all the information you need about your last days at Cedar Springs High School.

If you have additional questions or would like to request a printed copy of this newsletter, contact our high school office team at 616-696-1200.

Sports Physicals May 23

If you plan to participate on an athletic team next year, you must have an updated physical on file. The Red Hawk Athletic Department will be hosting a sports physical clinic open to students going into grades 6-12.

Tuesday, May 23
Cedar Springs High School Gym
5-7 p.m.
$25 for physical

You must have your physical form completed by a parent/guardian before you arrive. You can download a form here, or pick one up outside the athletic office.

Electronic Device Policy for testing

Before our state test administration, district and building assessment coordinators must clearly communicate a policy for using electronic devices by students and staff during testing.

During testing, the Michigan Department of Education does not allow students to have electronic devices with them (including wearable technology like FitBits, Apple watches, etc.). Please make sure you take the time to review our Electronic Device Policy for the 22-23 school year prior to testing. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the policy, please reach out to your student's main office building.

Cedar Springs Public Schools Enrollment Now Open, Now accepting students for 2023! Enroll Today!

Cedar Springs Public Schools is excited to announce, enrollment for the 2023-2024 school year is NOW OPEN! 

Enrollment is open to students in our district grades K-12. Visit to enroll today!

Kindergarten Kick-off events will be held in March and April for those that enroll (more information sent upon enrollment completion).

Honor Roll STudents High School 1st Semester 9-12 Grade

Congratulations to our Semester 1 Honor Roll Students! 

Freshman Class

Alessa Alber, Issac Altman, Abigail Anderson, Madison Austin, Zoie Avila, Ryan Beemer, Caylee Beltinck, Adeline Bender, Allison Butler, Nicole Cherry, Brianna Clark, Alexa Cone, Paige Cook, Juliana Cox, Annmarie Devitt, Conner Dines, Kaiden Dreyer, Luke Egan, Sierra Fifield, Kendall Fisk, Phoebe Fisk, Callie Flynn, Emma Foster, Isabella Galperin, Kyra Gates, Payton Gittere, Amaya Gomez, Nathalie Grenier, Austin Grice, Zackery Haack, Natalie Haan, Jaden Halliwill, Connor Hansen, Karly Harrison, Cameryn Hess, Ethan Hess, Thomas Hilbert, Lucy Hotz, Hunter Hyrns, Jace Johnson, Chloe Kerrish, Ryan Ladd, Ethan Le, Mason Litz, Lucille Lyons, Linden Majerczak, Heath Malon, Haylie McCarthy, Marcus McCarty, Ayden McClurken, Callen McCulloch, Ava Mead, Brenden Morris, Makenna Morris, Brynn Nesbitt, Jenna Nickelson, Hazel Nozkowski, Charly Nyenhuis, Kendra O'Brien, Chloe O'Dowd, Brianna Page, Tyler Parmeter, Ella Peck, Gavin Punches, Jayden Randall, Logan Redes, Emilee Reisig, Emerson Sanborn, Rachel Sanborn, Kylah Sanders, Chase Sarniak, Henry Satterthwaite, Beau Savage, Blake Schultz, Allison Scott, Chloe Shadley, Ethan Shoffner, Ian Skelonc, Kailynn Skinner, Jeremiah Slager, Alanna Smith, Jacob Smith, Sophie Smith, Phoenix Charles Spitler, Ian Stearns, Alexis Stencel, Emily Stevens, Alexis Tharp, Justin Tompkins, Jayden Tompsett, Dakota Traxler, Tiana Tubbs, Benjamin Twiss, Taylor Verduin, Hunter Wagner, Aiden Weller, Nathan White, Alana Wiles, Ava Workman, Kortney Zimmer, Shelly Zimmerman


Sophomore Class

Keira Afton, Austin Alcumbrack, Sophia Alvarez, Addison Amell, Alyssa Balcam, Emily Bartholomew, Noah Bayink, Quinton Bell, Jase Bey, Madison Biesiada, Luke Bouwens, Elizabeth Bowser, Ashley Buckley, Sarah Buckley, Sophia Burg, Jackson Charles Calati, Arielle Calkins, Audrey Campbell, Brooklyn Carlton, Caleb Christie, Katherine Christie, Avery Colombo, Ludovica Compagno, Ayden Jacob Cook, Gage Cooper, Jonathan Cox, Olivia Cox, Donivin D'Antuono, Hannah Dempsey, Sara Donaldson, Morgan Duddles, Lily Fisher, Isaac Fraam, Logan Friskey, Elijah Fulton, Justin Graham, Hannah Grice, Levi Grifhorst, Kayne Guiles, Alondra Gutierrez, Emily Hoort, Morgan Hoort, Gavin Hutton, Gauge Ingersoll, Shannon Janes, Hyunseo Jeong, Flora Jouteau, Keenan Jukanovic, Kaitlyn Kassuba, Gavin Kirkwood, Ashlin Kreft, Alyssa Krol, Emily Kutchuk, Avery Lake, Cody Lankford, Olivia Lawrence, Caleb Alexander LeMasters, Colin Lentine, Kaisa Maki, Canudas Mas Canudas, Evan Mattson, Makayla McCarthy, Kaelan Miller, Javen Moore, Jaidyn Savannah Mullen, Ryan Mullins, Neil Myers, Gabriel Neris, Aubrey Newberg, Scarlett Newell, Adrianna Newhof, Dane Nienhuis, Addison Noga, Ellie Noorman, Kailyn O'Dowd, Marek Oleneack, Karleigh Orr, Hudson Pant, Kathryn Pellerito, Ella Phelps, Elizabeth Pinkelman, Im Poom-Im, Thomas Prins, Emma Pritchard, Abigail Radebach, Hunter Reed, Aavra Relich, Kaitlyn Reyburn, Jadyn Reynolds, Nautica Rockinger, Kylee Rypma, Nicklas Schaefer, Whitley Scheuneman, Rory Schoenborn, Colten Schreiner, Dakota Schreiner, Jersey Seguin, Konor Shotko, Makayla Slagel, Aydan Slater, Graysin Smith, Michael Stevens, Sabrina Tabor, Allie Teuscher, Emma Tol, Hunter Torrey, Jersey Traxler, Gillian Van Sweden, Dominic Vanderhyde, Ian VanderLugt, Caleb VanSickle, Madison Viau, Lindsey Washington, Alyssa Wilcox, Olivia Williams, Quinten Wright, Evan Zheng


Junior Class

Alecia Alber, Hope Alvarez, McClain Bekins, Courtney Bell, Alexys Bening, Hailey Boeskool, Addyson Brown, Kaitlynn Brown, Jack Cairy, Breyden Cantu, Broden Cantu, Xander Cantu, Lucas Caruso, Brie Cummings, David Deweese, Taylor Diemond, Tayson Doncis, Lily Earnest, Mia Earnest, Annalise Elliott, Javis Joyce Enbody, Brooke Fournier, Lauren Fraser, Cole French, Taylor Frey, Jr Gafurovic Jr, Madison Geene, Walker Glyshaw, Dominic Gomez-Russell, Kelsi Green, Lillian Hall, Lauren Hambelton, Courtney Harms, Taylor Harrison, Hunter Hendges, Logan Hopkins, Grant Hoult, Eli Howland, Austin Ives, Katelyn Johnson, Logan Johnson, Mia Julien, Kaden Kirkwood, Keaton Klaasen, Ian Klenk, Elijah Kleynenberg, Sophie Kren, Brooklyn Ladd, Dylan LaFontsee, Lauren Lentine, Morgan Llewellyn, Bryce Luevano, Noah Lutz, Isabella Majerczak, Stella Malon, Chase Marsman, Kirsten McDonald, Aidan McMartin, Emma Merritt, Emma Miller, Josiah Miller, Allyson Minnema, Kaci Mitchell, Kenneth Mitchell, Elliot Moleski, Nathan Axel Moore, Alayna Mueller, Rachel Neiderheide, Gracey Newman, Brody Nichols, Makenna Nichols, Parker Nyenhuis, Sally Odren, Sabina Pate, Kaylee Peaslee, Owen Peck, Justin Poffinbarger, Kaine David Polczak, Rowan Powers, Keara Prins, Izabella Raymond, Hannah Reed, Madison Reyburn, Justin Rish, Riley Robb, Tucker Roberts, Brielle Sarniak, Natalie Schafer, Wesley Schultz, Skylar See, Hannah Shears, Jack Sherburn, Carter Sherman, Nathanael Slager, Emma Smith, Andrew Standfest, Alexis Stefanski, Joseph Sterley, Alivia Taylor, Ethan Terpstra, Haylie Terrien, Tennessee Traxler, Joshua Trendt, Tyler Twiss, Aidan Umphrey, Haley Van Kampen, Oscar VanderLugt, Chloe VanDyke, Parker Vaughn, Reagan Viau, Coryn Wiles, Kenady Williamson, Kaden Winters, Natalie Wirtz, Ashlyn Wood, Hannah Wright, Joslyn Zavala, Makenzie Zimmer


Senior Class

Jacob Altman, Axel Anderson, Hannah Anderson, Austin Balcam, Molly Bentley, Aubreana Boomgaard, Reid Brandimore, Braedyn Brewer, Hannah Britten, Kendal Brown, Jerald Reztar Brownell, Cylie Burns, Ella Buttermore, Payton Calati, Makalah Cazier, Ashleigh Cervantes-Tanis, Naliya Clark, Brooklyn Colclasure, Makenzie Cole, Ivy Collins, Alayna Ann Cook, Mary Cousar, Riley Darin, Cole Detloff, Connor Diemond, Jaxon Ranal Dines, Dan Dingle Jr., Owen Drake, Raegan Eckelbarger, Rudy Estrada, Rayne Evans, Brayden Fisk, Riley Glover, Melissa Goslin, Braydon Gregory, Ethan Griffee, Ethan Grove, Giovanni Gutierrez, Kylee Hall, Hunter Hankiewicz, Taylor Haynes, Aspen Haywood, Cashius Heiss, Madeline Helton, Lorraine Ives, Kennedi Jager, Alexis Morgan Johnson, Angelina Juczynski, Josie Kenyon, Alexandria Kinsey, Kylynn Klaasen, Aramis Kleck, Joshua Kriekaard, Aiden Lake, Kathryn Larkin, Breylyn Latham Grindle, Aiden Le, Abigail Leys, Gracie Lyons, Savanna Maki, Eli Malon, Alyssa Marrison, Luke Marsman, Ashleigh Martin, Brady Mason, Adler May, Emmalee Mayer, Madison McCauley, Larissa McGrath, Joseph McKinney, Ryan Meredith, Kaitlyn Miller, Nathan Miller, Ryan Mitchell, Aleyna Moleski, Elliot Mooney, Chase Moore, Clarissa Moore, Dale Anthony Moore, Hayden Morris, Kalina Morris, Gideon Mueller, Braylon Nienhuis, Emma Noorman, Chandyce Novak, John-Richard Nulph, Kaitlyn O'Brien, Kurynn Oleneack, Eva Ondersma, Clayton Oosting, Michael Overway, Jessa Patin, Abigail Patterson, Kyle Patterson, Connor Payer, Natalie Pierce, Jonathan Porter, Kloey Pritchard, Madeline Radebach, Leah Ramsey, Keegan Reed, Lily Reed, Andrea Rios, Colton Schmid, Hannah Seif, Madison Shields, Jeremiah Simons, John Simons, Caleb Skelonc, Connor Skelonc, Carlei Smith, Isabella Smith, Julia Smith, Joseph Stevens, Jaden Swick, Brielle Tate, Tristan Terpstra, Aricin Thompson, Olivia Tozer, Malea Van Kampen, Kevin VanDer Haag. Josephine Vanderhyde, Kaylee Veersma, Judith Visser, Ryan Vos, Olivia Marie Walker, Nickolas Walukonis, Ryan West, Jon Wever Jr, Charles Whitten, Isabelle Williams, Madison Williams, Rebekah Wineman, Espen Wood


New Beginnings

Alexis Braxton, Destiny Brecken, Elliana Follett, Ezekiel Heminger

CSPS Early Childhood Center 2023-2024 Preschool information meeting

Come find out what Preschool looks like at Cedar Springs Public Schools!

We offer a variety of preschool programs for three- and four-year-olds. All are high-quality, licensed programs, taught by certified teachers and associate teachers. This meeting will inform you about what we offer, how to enroll, and what program is best for your child!

Date: Tuesday, Feb. 28
Time: 6 - 8 p.m.
Location: Cedar Trails Elementary School

If you have any questions prior to the meeting, please email our preschool team at

Childcare is unavailable at this parent informational meeting. Children must be three or four years of age before September 1, 2023.

Freshman Information Meeting, Cedar Springs High School, Class of 2027

On Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2023, our team at the high school hosted a Freshman informational meeting.
The slideshow below contains an overview of information for incoming Freshmen to consider as they plan for the 2023-2024 school year. 
We also recommend viewing the Cedar Springs High School Curriculum Guide containing the most details about scheduling for high school classes. Visit our guidance counseling page and staff directory if you have additional questions. 

We look forward to meeting the class of 2027!


Scheduling for 6th grade is fast approaching and we would love to see your child continue their music education by becoming a part of the Red Hawk Band! The Red Hawk Band is offered to our 6th graders as a full-year course that meets during the school day. With daily instruction, our 6th grade band students make great strides on their instruments while learning to play and enjoy many styles of music.

Best of all, you can participate in band, athletics, honors courses, and after-school clubs. Some of the top athletes and academic performers in Cedar Springs Public Schools are members of the Cedar Springs Band.

To find out more about scheduling, and instrument selection, or more about the band, visit the Cedar Springs Band website. Additionally, you may reach out to the directors', Colin Weber & Matt Nabozny by email or at 616-696-1200 extension 7802 or 7804. 

Red Hawk Athletics Hall of Fame Class of 2022

Hall of Fame Class of 2023

On Friday, February 3 our Athletic Hall of Fame Class of 2023 was recognized in our Red Hawk Gymnasium. 

Connor Mora, Track and Cross County 
4x state champion, CSHS record for 5k, 1600m run, 3200m relay, and most points per scored in a season. In 2012 he qualified for the Cross County Nations, and while attending the University of Michigan, he became 1 of 600 Americans to run a sub-4minute mile!

Gary and Laurel Gust, CSPS Athletic Advocates
Founding members of the CSPS Athletic Boosters, Created the Roger Gust Award (8th-grade students to attend a sporting camp of their choice),
Laurel served on the CSPS School Board for four years, an avid attendee of CSPS athletic events 

Claude Lambert, Baseball Coach
20-year baseball coach at CSPS, 10 years as JV coach, and 10 years as head Varsity coach, Over 250 wins, 2x coach of the year in the region.

Liz Hoffman Pratt, Volleyball, Basketball, and Softball
1987-1988 OK Gold Divison Female Athlete of the Year Athlete in Volleyball, basketball, and softball, 11x varsity letters, scored 1042 points during her career and helped lead her team to a district title, 3x OK conference gold division all-conference teams, all academic all-state honors, selected to play in the John Bros senior All-Star game.

2003 Track MITCA State Champs
Championship rosters included:
Throwers: Mike Yancey, Alan Headley, and Ryan Case
Pole Vaulters: Nick Moore, Troy Fisk, and Nathan Haadsma
Jumpers: Kyle Smith, Carter Johnson, Kirk Covey, Dan Laatz, and John Klementowski
Sprinters: Justin Dupey, Ryan Warfield, Kirk Covey, Henry Leung, Jake White, and Jake Sias
Distance Runners: Dan Cramer, Mike Bigney, Tom Thornton, Ryan Johnson, Dan Skelonce, and Jordan Mulder
Hurdlers: Carter Johnson, Jason Johnson, Chad Menefee, and Kyle Avink
Coaches: Head Coach: Jeff Myers, Assistant Coaches: Ted Sabinas, Josh Cooper, Marie Covey, and Mary Fournier

Congratulations to our inductees!

Honor Roll Students Middle Level 1st Semester 6-8th Grade

Congratulations to our Semester 1, Middle Level A Honor Roll Students! 

6th Grade

Kaden Craig, Samuel Curtis, Mason Duram, James Elliott, Elijah Gunderson, Taylor Hess, Harrison Hilbert, Zander Hoult, Nolan Kreft, Claire LeFever, Payton Matthews, Brooklyn McCulloch, Annabelle Powers, Braden Roberts, Marlaina Roest, Emma Sibley, Autumn Tompkins, Isabella Valliere, Abigail Van Horn, Kellen VanderTuuk, and Jackson Wernette.


7th Grade

Brylee Alber, Gwenyth Alvarez, Luke Ball, Owen Bell, Braun Bender, Jacob Christie, John Clement, Trenton Drew, Addison French, Zavier Gomez, Elliana Henney, Devyn Jenner, Jordyn Kerrish, Kaylynn Kopischka, Maci Kurek, Ethan Litz, Donovan Lynch, Morgan Marshall, Logan McCarty, Cyan Minnich, Alora Morales, Adelyn Nesbitt, Hailey Nichols, Claire O'Brien, Gwenyth Petersen, Dayton Reynolds, Autumn Rop, Morgan Sanders, Liam Satterthwaite, Randy Slocum III, Samuel Stachowiak, Anders Thompson, Avery Van Dyke, Catriona Van Sweden, Elizabeth Van Syckle, Mallory Willoughby, James Workman II, and Zoey York. 

8th Grade

Taylor Babcock, Keegan Clark, Landen Cook, Audrey Crawford, Adalyn Dreyer, Johnathon Fankhauser, Cody Greenland, Miriam Hess, Lincoln Hopkins, Keenen Hullinger, Quinton Hunter, Elsie Kacprzyk, Isabelle Kalhalli, Bethlyn Kutchuk, Aleea Male, Henry Metiva, Nolan Myers, Olivia Reed, Kaleb Russell, Angela Smith, Emory Smith, Elliana Strunk, James Themm, Taylor VanderTuuk, Hayden Verduin, Blake Wilcox, Jocelyn Yowtz.

MiMTSS District Data Utilization 2021-22

Recently, the MiMTSS Technical Assistance Center recognized our School at the Gold Level for our work toward implementing a Multi-Tiered System of Support in the area of Behavior and Reading!

By implementing MTSS, we increase the consistency of effective instruction, build staff knowledge and skills to equitably support all learners, use data to proactively identify and provide support for students, and create a positive culture that nurtures relationships with students and their families, and communities. This strong foundation helps learners gain the skills needed to realize their life dreams!


MiMTSS District Data Utilization 2021-22


MTSS Data Utilization Award Recipients in Behavior for District Reading at Elementary Schools.






MiMTSS Implantation and Impact District 2021-22 Gold District


GOLD MTSS Implementation and Impact Award for the District






MiMTSS Implantation and Impact District 2021-22 Silver School Behavior
MiMTSS Implantation and Impact District 2021-22 Bronze School Behavior


In Behavior:
Silver: High School, Middle School, Red Hawk Intermediate
Bronze: Cedar Trails, Beach 





MiMTSS Implantation and Impact District 2021-22 Silver School Reading
MiMTSS Implantation and Impact District 2021-22 Broze School Reading


In Reading:
Silver: Cedar View
Bronze: Cedar Trails

Date Range